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Recently, Santa gifted me a new set of dish wear, a beautiful gold and white art deco inspired set. The one draw back to this amazing gift was it’s functionality, these dishes can’t go into the microwave or dishwasher. While they may be a beautiful set of dishes they also very high maintenance.

While drinking my morning tea, I had an epiphany, I realized women could learn a valuable lesson from my little tea cup. It’s ok to be a little high maintenance, demand the attention of others and embrace that you are a luxury.

Think about the women with that “pulled together” look. They are captivating and demand our attention. We imagine what it would be like to dress like them and carry ourselves with the same poise. Am I right!? So what do these polished women and my little tea cup have in common? They take pride in their luxury. They value themselves and demand that others around them do the same. They require special attention, not to be a snob but because they know they’re worth it. They capture our attention because they’ve paid attention to the details of their appearance.

My point is not to be self-centered or vain. My point is, if your willing to invest time in pulling yourself together, others will notice. When others notice you, opportunities follows. When opportunities present themselves, you are one step closer to living in the reality you’re working so hard for.

Interested in three stylish ways to embrace your luxury?

  • Grooming – enjoy your grooming process. Enjoy the fragrance of a great body lotion or perfume, putting your face on in the morning, taking time to do your hair and not just throwing it up in a bun. Whatever your routine is, however lavish or light it may be, it’s important to make time.
  • Accessorize – it’s not enough that you have pants and a top on. Be creative with your style and accessorize! Play with color, mix metals and add dimension. Wear something sentimental, that way when someone comments on it, it’s a conversation starter.
  • Get Dressed – it doesn’t matter what your day looks like: grocery shopping, a snow storm, working from home, traveling… dress like your life depends on it! I don’t care if YOU didn’t see anyone you knew, someone saw YOU! Don’t be the girl hiding in the back of the market because you think you saw your ex just walk in. Don’t be the woman whose day is ruined by a “bad outfit.”       Don’t miss out on life’s opportunities because you were not dressed to say “yes” to them.

In conclusion, dress like your life depends on it. Embrace you are a luxury, demands the attention of others and enjoy the process.


Marianne Roda
1 Comment
  • Great read ASHLEY and very true. Love the comparison of the tea cup to the woman.

    January 17, 2017 at 11:59 AM