Why woman are just like Jell-O!

Why woman are just like Jell-O!




Yes, I said it. Women are like Jell-O! We all come equipped with the necessary ingredients to become the talk of the party. A sugary style, the heat from a hot flash or two, add a spritzer of water or booze, offer us a place to chill and soon we become the highlight of the party!

The challenge we women face is often rushing the cooling process. We take ourselves out of the game or rush into the party too soon. We become over concentrated, slightly liquefied and an overall hot-mess.

Gigglers & Jell-O-shots aside.

Ladies, we have all we need to do the impossible and be anything but ordinary. What we don’t have is the patience to chill & incubate in our essence long enough to form into something amazing. We let the world, family, friends, you name it, form us. We fall prey to the should be and could be of our surroundings rather than laughing and saying “watch what I will be!”

I have a challenge for you! Before you get into the next relationship, the next job, the next chapter of your life… incubate with your authentic essence. Make sure you are solid to the core. Knowing who you are, what you can do, all you have to offer and let no one push you or rush you into being someone or something you’re not.

It’s was my passion for identity, or so I called it, that started Iconic Details. I wanted to help women find that version of themselves that could never be stripped, taken, broken up with, demoted or changed. Not to fit them into a mold, box, label, or style. But, to empower them to rock their authentic essence and see the power they have in being just who they are! I may be on a soap box but the fun part is it’s mine!

If you like the symbolism between women and Jell-O, post below the flavor you would be!

Watermelon Malibu Rum, Meeeooow!

Persona Stylist, Ashley Roda

Marianne Roda
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