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I spoke with a client of mine over the weekend. She asked about a recent event I hosted. I shared with her the core group, who use to attend all events, doesn’t seem to be coming anymore and I was worried. She laughed & replied, “Ashley, it’s not a bad thing. You’ve already taught us the basics and we’re ready for the next level!” She paused and continued with, “your classes are great… for your new clients or those who have not followed you as long as we have, but you’ve taught us the basics and, like I said… we’re ready for the next level!”

Just like that, she had cleared the fog and let the light come through. I had done my job and my style-rookies were leveling up. You know the saying, If it were a snake it would have bitten you? I had officially been bitten by the snake of style. Gotta love it.

This week, I humbly dedicate my focus to all you amazing style sirens (aka clients of mine), who have been with me for a while now. You amazing beauties who boldly share with me, “Ashley, I’m ready for the next level.” This week is for you!


For those of you that:

~ Know the statement you want to make with your personal style

~ Are conscious to the balance between your personal style and branding

~ Know the five items that make every outfit great

~ & how to pull together outfits and look like a “Perfect 10”


The next level in your personal style is being Proactive.


You’re a busy woman. You’re a speaker, attending C-level events, constantly networking, traveling for work, hosting your own events, managing a book of business, incorporating video into your work, updating headshots and more.

Next, it’s time to get you dressed, review your wardrobe collection and find out what you need to be on the next level of your personal and professional lives.

When I say Proactive, I mean I want to save you time, money and worry. I want to prepare you for your next level of success, and not have you anxiously calling me a few nights before your big event worried about what to wear. You know I love those calls more than anything and will always be here for you in those spontaneous moments of “Ashley, I got the ________, now what do I wear!” What if we could prep for them in advance? Then you might just call me to be your plus one, crowd cheerleader, onset stylist, etc!

Ask yourself…

  • What goals/projects am I hoping to accomplish in the next 90 days?
  • What events do I have coming up I’d like to have styled outfits for?
  • What about my style is currently working,       and what’s not?
  • What have people been complementing me on most recently?
  • What do I feel is missing or I might like to include into my style? (more jackets, dresses, better shoes, more accessories…)
  • How would you like to freshen your wardrobe for the next season?


Now for my “Next Level Tips.” As a wardrobe stylist, I am not going to tell you the fashion fads or seasonal trends. We are above all that. What I will share with you are tips for using what you already have:


~ Rearrange Your Closet ~

If you are bored with your closet, switch it up. Organize it:

  • By sleeve length
  • By color
  • By style
  • By jackets, tops, bottoms or bottoms, tops, jackets
  • Storage options (fold what’s hanging and hang what was folded)


~ Edit Your Collection ~

Donate an item, give an item, swop with a girlfriend. Donate something that is worn, torn, aging, or just no longer exciting to wear. Buy a replacement or just enjoy a little extra space in your closet.


~ Call or E-mail Me ~

My style siren, if you’re really ready for the next level in your personal style then give me a call or send me an e-mail. Let’s be proactive and book an afternoon together. I would love to support you on an ongoing basis with my “Seasonal Styling” service I offer my long term clients.


In conclusion & thanks to my client who opened my eyes over the weekend. This one is for you girlie. Thank you for sharing with me where you and many others are at. It is such a pleasure to work with you and support you with my wardrobe styling and personal brand consulting.


Marianne Roda
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