Violetta Krok


I met Violetta Krok, founder of V.K. Coaching and V.K. Business Communication Solutions, at the eWomen Network International conference while standing in line to speak with one  of the main stage presenters.  I asked her “what’s your question!?” she replied “I need a social media techie person to help with my business and brand” I replied “I might be able to help with that!”  We hit it off instantly and the conversation never stopped.  We’d see one another across the room throughout the conference and wink knowing we were destined to work together.  On the last night we danced till 2am at the conference close out dance party!

After becoming fast friends Violetta returned home to Germany and we scheduled our first zoom call to get started.  Violetta’s business had two primary branches: Business Coaching and Business Communication Solutions for Expats.  As she likes to say she had built her business first and the brand came later.  She was looking for tips on how to connect her brand with all the various channels. After working with multiple copy writers, she struggled finding her voice and explaining her amazing work.  She also had two separate brands for each side of the business that were not complimentary or cohesive.

We prioritized her websites that needed to be finalized, showcasing her book that was soon to be published, gaining visibility through more iconic branding and supporting her with a “list” of techie stuff she wanted to implement in order to make the backend of her business run more smoothly.

Brand Design

We began our work together using the websites she had in place and the branding assets she had.  We soon found these assets to be both limiting and constricting for the growth and direction she wanted to go.


Leveraging the Iconic Details branding process we took a few steps back to better understand her ultimate vision and establish a brand strategy and design that would better unite the two sides of her business. Violetta wanted an executive feel that was personalized (high touch, low tech), exuded above and beyond excellence, had a human connection and accented the focus areas of each side of the business as one often feed into the other.


In creating her iconic brand there was a conscious intention to symbolism in every detail:

  • We personified her business calling it the “sophisticated rebel”
  • Gave it a detective vibe and tough cookie references
  • Cardinal directions to showcase helping clients find “their-way” of being
  • S’more cookies to be playful in her desire for clients to reach their goals and explore the “more”
  • Pulling in her color palette from before, purple to unify the VKC side and red to unify the BCS side.  Black and white to keep things classic like Coco Chanel.
  • A fuchsia flower was used for elegance, femininity, blossoming and natures presentation of her colors.
  • Lines were used playfully to show there was a fine “line” between the two sides of her work bridging the gap between personal and professional life

Through the branding process we were able to identify her iconic details and personify her brand.  We were able to hone her messaging, establish clear company values, and write concise mission and vision statements.  We created a company style guide to organize her business and creative vendors.  The style guide and its creative elements gave creative direction for her photography, website creation and print materials (handouts, stationary, etc).


  • Personal Branding
  • Persona Perspective
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Print Material inspiration
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Photography
  • Website Design Direction
  • Creative Direction


  • Digital Iconic Brand Binder
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Business Card
  • Name Tags
  • Print Materials
  • Social Media Banners


  • Cosmital Designs, Website
  • Jen Tracey, Graphic Design

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