As The Persona Stylist it’s my passion to:

  • Identify your “iconic” persona.
  • Leverage and infuse your YOU-niqueness into your brand strategy.
  • Design a brand concept that is iconic and memorable.
  • Validate and give you permission to give up good for GREAT.
  • “See” you ~ Hear You ~ Design for you.


As Ashley Roda it’s my choice to live a lifestyle of ICONIC DETAILS:

  • Show up – Speak up – Stand out.
  • Dress with intention.
  • Channel my own iconic persona.
  • Give up good for GREAT.
  • Be conscious, intentional, and symbolic.
  • Do things “my” way ~ The truly iconic and detailed way.
  • Embrace and trust my intuition.
  • Study all things branding and style to bring back the best to you and & the A-Team.


What qualifies me to be the right person for you:

  • I’ve identified over 60+ brand personas already.
  • I’m a certified Personal Brand Consultant through the Studio For Image Professionals.
  • I have a Psychology Degree and a triple minor from the University of Oregon:
    • Business & Administration (whether you run a business or work for one it’s important to know the basics).
    • Non-Western Art History (I have a passion for world culture, religion, symbolism and iconography).
    • Human Physiology (Truth: I studied pre-med for 5 years before realizing it was not my true passion).

Certified Personal Branding Consultant 

through the Studio for Image ProfessionalsBadge-e1394637865760

eWomen Network Managing Director

Everything is who you know and perfect timing!

For the past five years, I have been an active member of eWomen Network.  In 2015 I was awarded their Emerging Leader Award and attended their annual conference in Dallas Texas.  Let’s just say the experience was life-altering to say the least.

When the opportunity to lead our local chapter as Managing Director presented itself I stepped forward. There is no better position to complement the work I do with Iconic Details and provide additional support to clients.  eWomen Network has a mission to help One Million Women reach One Million Dollars or more in annual revenue.  We are inclusive business network and founded on nine-core values.  Two of which are “lift as we climb” and “Give first and share always.”

I lead our local chapter with a 4 C’s: Community, connection, collaboration and caliber.

Events are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

To learn more Check out our Facebook Page and CHECK OUT OUR UPCOMING EVENTS HERE

I’d love to connect with you!