(M) The Founder

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I hope you’re making your way through the virtual studio, aka the website, ok and finding everything you’re looking for.

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Ashley Roda, founder and creator of Iconic Details.

My work is identity-focused branding, which means I see people’s unique qualities (or iconic details as I like to say) and infuse them into the design and experiential elements of their brand.  

Some call me a “metal detector of detail,” I just say I have a freak-factor.

I believe branding is something to BE, not something to do.  It’s a lifestyle and mindset.  An identity that’s refined, infused and honored through your business and brand.  Leveraging what I reveal to clients as their persona perspective, it allows business professionals to humanize brands, enhance their brand experiences and easily navigate every level of success.

Basically my clients are my muse.


A little background story if I may.  It all started in the 4th grade when I studied egyptology and mummified a barbie (true story: If you ask I am proud to show you as I still have it.) I was obsessed with symbolism and iconography.  My mother and I would follow the art museums to see when the mummy exhibits would come to a town near us so we could go and visit. 

Growing up I was a competitive athlete.  Twelve year competitive swimmer and six year water polo player.  In high school, I had 7 varsity letters and went to the state championships 3 years in a row.  Continuing into college I played for the national water polo team for the University of Oregon.  My first game I was shocked someone pinched me and in my last game I was ejected for brutality.  It was an evolution for sure.

As an athlete you know your body well.  For five years I pursued the medical industry thinking I would be a physical therapist, sports psychologist, then a doctor of osteopathy.  While standing over a cadaver, I realized I was in the wrong industry and finished college with a bachelors of science in Psychology.  My passions were seen in my triple minor.  Business and administration, whether you work for one or run one, you need to know business.  Human physiology to give credit to my five years studying pre-med.  Lastly, non-western art history for my continued passion of the arts, religion, world culture and of course symbolism and iconography.

After college I was recruited into the sales and insurance industries. Then I worked as an executive recruiter for a local matchmaker and found my passion for image consulting.  As a certified personal brand consultant I launched my business focused on wardrobe styling and the ABCs (appearance, behavior and communication).  Seven years later its evolved into the branding studio you see today.

Soon my styling clients became branding clients.  They would say things like “Ashley, you get me. You see me.  I’m working with this designer but I’m not sure they understand me like you do.  Would you look at this (logo design, color palette, website mockup… you name it)?  What do you think?  What would you suggest?”  They said I had the ability to style them from their wardrobe to their website.  Thus they named me The Persona Stylist.

Today, I speak the many diverse languages of the branding industry.  Graphic designer, website designer, photographer, videographer, a little SEO and more.  I have been on both sides of the table, as the client and the vendor.  I bring my background of science, sales, strategy, negotiation, symbolism, history and a hint of woo to every project.

In the past I learned that a good manager is one who knows how to work all the positions from the host, to the server, to the chef.  I apply this concept to my work today being an advocate for both my team and my clients.

The branding process is complicated one with many moving pieces. Logos, photos, fonts, colors, websites, print material… and more.  I offer a method for the madness and organization for the chaos.  Helping you to avoid putting the cart before the horse, is kind of my thing. Saving you time, money, energy and expensive revisions is a guaranteed promise.  You may already have a brand in place but you feel it lacks the energy, essence and identity of who you are in this phase of your life and that is where I specialize.

Imagine me linking arms with you from intention to integration.  I am with you every step of the way.  Before I get too passionate about explaining my process, let me direct you to the branding page where I explain it all in depth for you.


The only things left to share about myself are that I’m a tea-drinker, cat-lady, charcuterie-lover, and disturbingly intuitive creative.  I love a baby goat video in a onesie and I’m addicted to DSW, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby and Restoration Hardware.


Iconic Details is not a job, it’s my calling. 

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