As Founder & CEO it is my responsibility to:

  • Be the voice of the company.
  • Implement agency values, vision, and mission.
  • Set the standard.
  • Find the creative solution.
  • Provide value, education, resources, and tasteful critique.


As The Persona Stylist it is my passion to:

  • Identify the clients “iconic” persona.
  • Leverage and infuse your YOU-niqueness into your brand strategy.
  • Design your brand concept to be iconic and memorable.
  • Consult and guide you from intention (start) to integration (finish).
  • Reassure and give you permission to give up good for GREAT.
  • “See” you ~ Hear You ~ Design for you.


As Ashley Roda it is my choice to live a lifestyle of ICONIC DETAILS:

  • Show up – Speak up – Stand out.
  • Dress with intention.
  • Channel my own iconic persona.
  • Give up good for GREAT.
  • Be conscious, intentional, and symbolic.
  • Do things “my” way ~ The truly iconic and detailed way.
  • Embrace and trust my intuition.
  • Study all things branding and style to bring back the best to you and & the A-Team.


What qualifies me to be the right person for you:

  • I’ve identified over 50+ brand personas during my career.
  • I’m a certified Personal Brand Consultant through the Studio For Image Professionals.
  • I have a Psychology Degree and a triple minor from the University of Oregon:
    • Business & Administration (whether you run a business or work for one it’s important to know the basics).
    • Non-Western Art History (I have a passion for world culture, religion, symbolism and iconography).
    • Human Physiology (Truth: I studied pre-med for 5 years before realizing it was not my true passion).

Certified Personal Branding Consultant 

through the Studio for Image ProfessionalsBadge-e1394637865760

eWomen Network Managing Director

Everything is who you know and perfect timing!

For the past five years, I have been an active member of eWomen Network.  In 2015 I was awarded their Emerging Leader Award and attended their annual conference in Dallas Texas.  Let’s just say the experience was life-altering to say the least.

When the opportunity to lead our local chapter as Managing Director presented itself I stepped forward. There is no better position to complement the work I do with Iconic Details and provide additional support to clients.  eWomen Network has a mission to help One Million Women reach One Million Dollars or more in annual revenue.  We are inclusive business network and founded on nine-core values.  Two of which are “lift as we climb” and “Give first and share always.”

I lead our local chapter with a 4 C’s: Community, connection, collaboration and caliber. We have over 65 active members and are growing quickly.


I’d love to connect with you!