ICONIC DETAILS is a value driven agency.

The work we create is a lifestyle.

The people and projects we partner & collaborate with is our choice.

For everyone involved, your project is not just a list of deliverables and “tasks” ~ You are our muse!  We eat, breathe, and sleep focused on bringing you our best. Everything we create looks like an extension of you, not an altered template draped over you.  We playfully try to hide the fact we were ever involved in your project (like creative pixies in the night), because it’s our job to spotlight the unique value YOU bring to your industry and clientele… not our craftsmanship.  Don’t get me wrong, we love to brag about working with you and how much fun we have but the results should scream YOU not us.

In addition to being a branding agency, ICONIC DETAILS is also a concierge service to the “A-Team.”  Providing a highly coveted group of vendors, resources, and connections that Ashley has meticulously vetted.

“A” stands for

Always ~ Approved ~ Authentic ~ Accountable ~ Action-taker ~ Authority ~ Ambitious ~ Able ~ Aligned…

see where we’re going with this?!

Iconic Details is the synergistic result of it’s collaboration with these amazing people, companies, resources, and connections.

ICONIC DETAILS is committed to…


Living an ICONIC life of details, intention, and inspired action.

Healing visibility wounds so others can claim their place in the spotlight.

Raising the collective conscious through paradigm shifts and persona perspective.

Customized branding that’s outside the box, unapologetic, self-defined, personified, and inspired by the client as my muse.

Offering a 360* wholistic approach through creative direction, brand management, and project coordination. Supporting clients from Intention to Integration.

Honest communication that is bold, blunt, truth bombs guided by good intention and whole hearted empathy.

Synergistic collaboration to create results greater than our individual minds could have ever imagined. #Coopetition

Building an inclusive Zebra Tribe of like minded individuals yelling “yay” for one another and standing together against “neigh” saying horses.

Showing up, speaking up, and standing out.

Boundaries that honor my creative needs & give clients the best possible customer experience.

Work Life Balance through letting my creativity breath and finding inspiration in my everyday life.

Quality over quantity being attentive to client projects and selective in every choice I make.

ICONIC DETAILS vision is to create a golden agency:


With a massive round table for clients to pitch their dreams from a golden throne.

Composed of creatives and vendors dedicated to synergistically collaborating in order to bring client’s vision to life.

Where we inspire a sense of identity and culture that will never be stripped, dumped, fired, or diluted; ONLY refined, applied, and honored.

ICONIC DETAILS mission is to provide:


  • Branding services (Creative Director, Project Coordinator, & Brand Management)
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Connection to A-Team Specialists
  • Resources
  • Workshops & Work Space

We’re a collaborative branding agency and concierge service for business owners. If you’re looking to focus your brilliance into your business and brand while also aligning with the “right” opportunities and clientele for you… we’ve got a proven process for you!

We are dedicated to quality over quantity and take client projects on as if they were our own.

  • Identifying 1,000 iconic personas.
  • Being a force of change.
  • Raising the collective consciousness, humanizing brands, and upleveling company cultures

Why is this the AGENCY you've been looking for

You’ll notice in the values a commitment to offering you a 360* degree approach and perspective.  This is unique to the industry as founder + CEO, Ashley Roda is what she likes to call a “3-in-1 Consultant,” meaning she takes on the responsibilities of being your Creative Director, Project Coordinator, & Brand Manager.  

  • Creative Direction ~ For her intuition and design ability.
  • Project Coordination ~ To take you from fragmented and frustrated to consistent, cohesive, and charismatic.
  • Brand Management ~ Establishing your creative standard and making sure you’re always authentic and on-brand.

It’s crazy how much overlap there is and how quickly a project can get out of hand when anyone is missing.  

The branding process is often inspired by businesses looking to navigate times of growth, transition, and transformation.  You looking for someone (or a team of someones) to help you go from intention to integration. You might need to heal some visibility wounds, but you’re ready to give up good for GREAT!  

Another element that makes ICONIC DETAILS unique in its approach is Ashley’s ability to personify brands.  Here the approach is concept + strategy THEN design.  The concept, general theme and overall design aesthetic is 100% customized to YOU and not some template, archetypal personality test that shoves you into a standardized box.

Like a signature cocktail its a mix of your spirit, complementing flavors and garnishing detail.

Another example might be a car, your brand is the car but your iconic persona is the gas!

Your branding should be a visual representation of your business’s identity.  It should only ever need to be refined, applied, and honored as you evolve.

What STRENGTHS set Iconic Details apart

Do you ever feel like you are too close to it?  Too close to yourself? To your business? To your dream?  Like you need a second pair of eyes? A sounding board? A “creative” friend and confidant?

That’s were ICONIC DETAILS comes in!  Aside from Ashley’s “freak-factor” of being able to “see” your iconic persona ~ ultimate potential ~ next level version of you… we’re all too close to it, including us.  It is a common thing for Ashley or any member of the A-Team to turn to one another for support, perspective, a second pair of eyes. This is not something to be done alone!

With this agency you don’t just get one “expert” you get a team!  We believe in synergistic collaboration to bring you our best, but we also are humble enough to not feel entitled to know it all!  We grow with you! If we don’t know we research to find you the best. If we don’t know we tell you “let me look into that!”

Another fun detail to mention is that Ashley can literally work from anywhere.  This agency is 100% mobile and virtual.  She can come to you, work from home, or meet you at a cafe!  As long as there is a strong internet connection, you are golden!  One feature clients love is that meetings are often done via Zoom, a video-based conference call, which can be recorded and then replayed at a later date.  Ashley has a tendency to be a fire hose of information and ideas, but don’t worry you won’t miss a thing when you can replay the recording as many times as you want! 

The STORY behind Iconic Details branding

(Original sketches of logo variations)

Creating my logo was a unique experience.  I felt as though I had channeled the design for a source bigger than myself.  Like something was guiding me to create a mark meant for a community, rather than a logo to symbolize my work.  For the past few years it has been a visual cue and moral compass for my life.  I named my company Iconic Details but I have come to believe it is actually a lifestyle.


Photos above of my original sketches:

After sketching many variations in notebooks and things, I made these final designs with my two favorite things:

A black sharpie and A gold paint-pen.


  • Black = Luxury, Sophistication, Protection, Mysterious, Authority, Strength, Formal, Evolution
  • Gold = Charisma, Individuality, Glamour, Elegance, Prosperity, Wisdom, Self-worth
  • The Golden Head = Consciousness and Intention
  • The Infinity Body / Body Infinity = Represents the universal~source~energy that flows through all of us
    • Feel your pulse and tell me that is not magic!
  • The Person = Is YOU, the soulful embodiment of your ultimate potential and iconic persona
  • The D = Represents the details!
    • The front curve of the D = The energy field that radiates from inside of you out into the world around you
    • The tails of the D (extend above and below the person) = Show you are always protected by the details
  • iD = A personal ID, identification or identity
  • The Gradient = Illustrates the eb & flow in life
    • The growth phases, transition phase, evolutionary phase…  that pushes us through the dark and into the light

The Iconic Details LIFESTYLE

  • Show up – Speak up – stand out
  • Live on brand
  • Get dressed
  • What would Lola do?
  • Give up good for GREAT
  • Be conscious, intentional and symbolic
  • Do thing “my” iconic details way
  • Embrace and trust my intuition
  • Study all things branding and style to bring back the best to the clients & A-Team

I’d love to connect with you!