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Audra was referred to me by a mutual friend while on a girls lunch date. “Ashley! I’m at lunch with a friend who could really benefit from your services.  I’m going to pass the phone and let you two chat.”  Audra had a thriving business as a college applications advisor and career development coach.  She was looking to enhance her website, gain visibility on social media and polish her overall brand to be more “sleek” and charismatic.  After our first conversation it was clear she had an iconic essence that was not being expressed to its full potential in her current brand identity.

Before working with Ashley, I only saw my life and my business through the lens of what I THOUGHT was possible. Now, after almost a year of transformative growth in myself and my company, I see that so much more is available to me. Ashley helped me grow more imaginative and dreamy by showing me how to see from a higher perspective. The Write Fit and I are now more elevated and better able to help students realize their dreams, to see that anything is possible for them.

As soon as a mentor of mine enthusiastically recommended Ashley and Iconic Details to me, I felt intrigued. And, then I spoke to Ashley directly and knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. I followed my heart, invested my time and money, and came out the other side a far better CEO and person. The CEO and Chief Artistic Director of Iconic Details, Ashley is a true artist and sleuth. She detects in you and your business the absolute best -- that you could never ever articulate or even see on your own -- and takes you along for the ride. It's a loopy, scary ride at times, but soooooo exhilarating to soar. Can't wait to establish my shiny, sophisticated, and streamlined Standard Operating Procedures and to live my values, vision, and mission for The Write Fit College & Career Coaching! Thank you, Ashley, for taking me to new heights personally and professionally. The views up here are mesmerizing.

Working with Ashley feels like riding in a convertible with the top down and along windy roads -- you will mess up your hair, love the fresh air, and never suspect what thrills await you around the corner. Like her Iconic Persona Exercise. She begins with a mindfulness practice to help me see and greet my Iconic persona. This visualization introduced me to my business's Iconic Persona. I thought I was running the show in my business? Heck, no! Carol makes all the moves. Carol is a real person, and my Iconic Persona. Building and working in my business offers so much more richness, imagination, and FUN when it's Carol-driven. I can take the back seat, feel the wind in my hair, and know that Carol's at the wheel expertly-handling every hair-pin turn with ease, confidence, and true vision.

As Ashley says, "Your 'Iconic Persona' is the energy, essence, and identity of your future self and business." And, heck, yes, it is! Carol represents me and my business at my very best, showing me how to grow and impress in offering my much-needed services to families and students in a way that uplifts them -- and me -- for life. Seeing Carol in my visualization really was an eye-opener and a shift in how I want to move forward in my life and my business!

I am so grateful I chose to invest in myself by working with Ashley and her Iconic Details team to manifest my ultimate potential!

Think of your work with Ashley as the manifestation of your ultimate potential.

Brand Design

Leveraging Iconic Details branding process we began with an extensive discovery session to understand Audra’s vision for her business and brand.  From this we established a brand strategy based on HER unique approach.


To enhance her brand identity, there was a conscious intention to attract both her audience (of students, parents and industry collaborators) and represent her dynamic personality and professional approach.  Words, teens, dreams, college, career, celebration and playfulness were all key themes that kept coming up.  My personal favorite was her desire to include giraffes to symbolize perspective, beauty, regal, feminine, elegance and playful fun.


Next, I presented a new logo concept for her to consider.  One of an ivy league college crest symbolically representing the four focus areas of her work.  She loved it!


With a clear concept and brand direction I constructed the style guide you see above.  This was used to set the creative standard for all other project deliverables moving forward.


Lastly, I redesigned Audra’s website.  From user experience, page and content layout, design aesthetic to iconic bronze call to action buttons.  She was thrilled.


Our final project was to redesign her business cards, integrate this new aesthetic into her social media and hire a VA to support her implementing the new customer experience we designed.

Through the branding process we were able to identify her brand’s persona (Carol), hone her brand message, establish clear company values, and write concise mission and vision statements.  We created an iconic brand style guide and organized her business and brand into the iconic brand binder.  We rebuilt her website from scratch, designed iconic business cards and gave her clarity on her social media presence.


Throughout this journey she bought a house! painted the walls to be “on brand” and learned to live her brand.


  • Persona Perspective
  • Business Name
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Print Material inspiration
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Photography Consulting
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Creative Direction
  • Creative Direction


  • Iconic Brand Binder
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Digital Business Card

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