The Scientific Dissection Of A Stylist

The Scientific Dissection Of A Stylist

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Today’s dissection will be focused on the anatomy and physiology of “Stylists.” This column is designed to:

  • Identify the various anatomical features associated with each stylist specimen
  • Categorize differentiations between their physiological capabilities
  • & Examine the rare qualities of the “Persona Stylist” specimen


After studying pre-med for 5 years at the University of Oregon, I am using my ANAT&PHYS background to officially dissect the stylist species. The objective of this column is to educate you on the various types of stylists, specifically their professional functions & differentiations. Most importantly this column is meant to highlight the rare qualities of the Persona Stylist, spotlighting specimen: Ashley Roda, founder of Iconic Details.


  • ANATOMY: refers to the structure (the bones, muscles, vascular and nervous systems) of the body.
    • In this column, it refers to the specimens professional title
  • PHYSIOLOGY: is how all these structures function independently and dependently together.
    • In this column, it refers to the specimens professional capabilities, differentiation and approach to the market.


There are many misconceptions when it comes to the stylist specimen:

  • Stylists are overly expensive
  • Stylists only care about name brands & fashion fads
  • Stylists only dress “skinny” people
  • Stylists only work for the rich and famous
  • Stylists are judgmental
  • Stylists throw all your clothes away
  • Stylists dress you in uncomfortable clothes
  • Stylists only know how to shop at Nordstrom’s


Dissect & examine the distinct variations between each of the following stylist specimen:

  • Fashion Stylist: typically work with models, photographer, fashion designers, creative directors, editorials and runway. Often styling on photo shoots.
  • Trend Stylist: these spotlight specimen deal with the name brands, fashion fads and seasonal trends.
  • Personal Shopper: these worker-bee stylists are hired to shop for you.       Tell them what you want, how much money to spend and what the occasion is.
  • Wardrobe Stylist: these resourceful & innovative creatures focus on reinventing what you already have. They build “keep”, “donate” & “tailor” piles while organizing your wardrobe to be more inspiring.       They rework your wardrobe into never worn before stylish outfits, create visual look books, outline wish-lists & shopping lists and assist you in any necessary shopping. They are often more on the budget friendly side of things.
  • Image Consultant: these are the most traditional specimen and stereotypical in the bunch. They focus on the ABCs + D (Appearance, Behavior, Communication & Digital Foot Print). Most easily recognized by their skills and techniques surrounding color analysis, grooming makeovers, body shape analysis, style archetyping and passion for teaching proper dining etiquette. These specimen are also capable of wardrobe audits, personal shopping and outfit assembly.
  • Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Stylists: these franchised specimen represent clothing and or beauty product lines . They structure their work around home based parties, growing their teams (“down lines”) and monopolizing the world with their associated lines.
  • Personal Brand Consultant: these evolutionary specimen study the theory of impression management and self-disclosure. They analyze market positioning and identify clients unique selling propositions.       They expand on the abilities of fellow style specimen to include branding, messaging, strategizing and implementation. They are known for building clients visibility, reputation management, social media strategizing and transforming clients into masters of perception. Finally, they address the subconscious, psychological, psychographic and stereotypical expectations of professional industries.


Persona Stylist: this one of a kind specimen goes by the name of Ashley Roda, founder of Iconic Details. This fine creature blends wardrobe styling and personal brand consulting to give clients a whole new perspective. Having studied the approach of the other specimen, she has developed a unique and distinguished skill set. Helping entrepreneurs and corporate executives identify the details that make THEM iconic and memorable she blends these two dynamic approaches into one. Looking to help others reinvent and avoid the identity crisis, she is a stylist like no other. Her unique approach also includes a 360* perspective and identifying your 3 C’s (consistency, cohesion and charisma).


To identify which stylist specimen is right for you:

  1. Identify your stylish needs & wants
  2. Do you have the 3 C’s?
  3. Understand the specimen approach you’d like to work with
  4. Ask yourself, what do you want this phase of your life to be like?


In conclusion, each of these specimen approach the fashion industry in a unique and specialized way. Understanding their anatomy and physiology helps to shed light on the pre lab misconceptions. While the population of stylists may be growing you can see how important it is to know who you are working with and the depth of their services.

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Marianne Roda
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