The Prepared Performer


Molly Mahoney, founder of The Prepared Performer, and I met at the eWomen Network Annual International Conference. We bonded over big earrings and great shoes.  Famous for her Camera Confidence and GLAM: Go Live And Monetize are programs she specialized in leveraging Facebook live and Facebook automation bots.

After getting to know Molly better through her Camera Confidence program, we eventually started talking about branding.  She shared that she was tried working with many branders in the past , feelimg none of them could capture her essence the way she envisioned.

Intrigued by the challenge I offered to take a stab at it.  The challenge was Molly loves every color, tone, and hue under the sun.  She loves both the 40s and the 80s.  She likes to be “over the top but with-in reason.”  Her brand uses stage performer vernacular and attracts many with theater backgrounds.  The essence she had in mind was cutting edge, intellectual, powerful, energetic, focused on human connection and guided by kindness.  Her courses focused on revenue, visibility, systems and impact.  At the end of the day her core message was “living prepared” like a performer ready to take the stage at any moment.

Brand Design

Calling The Prepared Performer an “Empire” is an understatement in describing what all Molly has built over the years and the content she shares with her audience.   Her catalog of work consisted of numerous courses, memberships, resources, landing pages, and offerings.  I started with an intensive brand audit to get a lay of the land.  Then, knowing others had missed the mark, I interviewed Molly, not just to get to know her but also how she thought.


From my extensive research, I pulled together two different brand directions I felt captured her essence.  Molly chose my “Futuristic Fantasy” concept and said it was everything she imagined and more.


The best way to capture her multifaceted personality and passions was through holograms, iridescence, bold saturated colors, and a confident playfulness.

Having a team in place I offered more creative direction than final deliverables in this instance.

  • Organized her business and brand with my Iconic Brand Binder
  • Established The Prepared Performer’s creative S.O.P. with a branded style guide
  • Created a branded color coding system to organize and visually differentiate her courses, programs, and groups
  • Shared creative direction for her team to execute and implement my design direction.


  • Persona Perspective
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Concept
  • Brand Pattern
  • Print Material inspiration
  • Creative Direction for team: Social Media, Website, Workbooks


  • Iconic Brand Binder
  • Social Media: Color Coding, Banner graphics, Graphics
  • Workbooks: User experience, layout, content, visual design direction

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