Branding is MORE than having a logo, business cards and website.  

It’s the creation of a standard of operations for your work.

You may not know how others have done it, but you can easily recognize when it’s been done right.

Allow me to be your creative director and project manager.

Let me share with you my recipe for success and proven process for branding & marketing

My Proven Process

My process comes from my hands on experience working with my clients’ brands.  Refreshing, designing & expanding them to be everything and more than they imagined.  Giving a voice, mediums and permission for brands to fully express themselves in clients’ everyday lives.  My process is flexible enough to align with you and your business at any point. Typically, working together will look like:

    • Complementary 30-Minute Discovery Session (Video Call Recording via Zoom)
    • Iconic Brand Audit (Video Call Recording via Zoom & Session notes recapping my assessment & suggestions)
    • VIP Discovery Day (1/2 day to focus your brand vision and goals & notes summarizing our session together)
    • Reflections & Suggestions (For those wanting to do it DIY approach)
    • Course Correction Meetings (It’s vital we are on the same page as we design the elements of your brand)
    • Brand Design (Structured around developing your brand concept, strategy & design)
    • Brand Management (assembling my coveted “Brand Binder” outlining your brand identity, messaging & marketing)
    • Project Management


My Coveted Brand Binder

My “Brand Binder” is my secret-sauce to an iconic brand and style.  The consistency, cohesion and charisma you need to show up, speak up & stand out.  Consider it a creative standard for operating your branding & marketing

Brand Identity

  • Identify Your Brand Persona: Giving it a name, voice, permission and mediums to express your ultimate potential.
  • Curate Your Visual Statement: A picture is worth a 1,000 words, the same is true for your branding.
  • Decipher Your Symbolic Intentions: Harness the power of symbolism and iconography as visual cues for the intention behind your brand.
  • Create A Pinterest Inspiration Board: Capture your brands aesthetic, essence and inspiration.
  • Outline Your Brand Identity & Style Guide: Logo designs, symbolism, color palette, fonts & photo files.


Brand Message

  • Declare Your WHY: Reflect on The Calling that inspired your business & brand in the first place.
  • Brand Concept: The foundational idea that gives your brand design its depth and meaning.  
  • Brand Direction: Declare your mission, vision and value statements.
  • Brand Position: Bring a conscious awareness to the three perspectives that make for an iconic brand & style.
  • Brand Narrative: Establish the storyline of your brand.
  • Ideal Client: Outline your ideal clients into a one page lead generating scavenger hunt for your network to help you find your next client.
  • Ideal Client & “Yes” Projects: Give yourself a reference point and perspective when it comes to the clients and projects you attract and work with.  It can be easy to lose sight of your end goal when your elbows are deep in client projects.


Brand Marketing

  • Outline Your Process & Pipeline: Do you have everything for the success you want? Strategize your client flow and client experience.
  • Design Your Editorial Calendar (quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily)
  • Build Your Brand Toolkit: Organize your branding: bios, photography, documents, speakers packet, etc.
  • My Tech Resources: A list of the technology I use to keep my brand organized, efficient, consistent and cohesive
  • Rebrand Checklist: “Your wish is my command!”  Wishing you just had a checklist of “all the things” you need!?
Project Management

While every project is unique, generally speaking projects are managed in the following way:

Phase 1:

  • Brand Building
    • Discovery: Concept -Strategy – Design
      • Hit the drawing board & set creative standards:
        • Leverage Pinterest to find brands esthetics
        • Identity brands iconic details (symbolism, uniqueness & differentiating factors)
        • Strategize messaging & marketing
        • Design a visual statement that is consistent, cohesive & charismatic
      • Course correction meeting to make sure on the same page regarding brands concept, strategy & direction
    • Design: The Brand Binder
      • Brand Persona
      • Brand Identity
      • Brand Messaging
      • Brand Marketing
      • Sustainability Strategy
  • Final Brand Presentation


Phase 2 

  • Project Management: For those of you interested in using my team and I to implement and infuse the branding we design together, then we can discuss a monthly retainer.

PLEASE NOTE: Embarking on the journey to refresh, refine and reinvent your branding and marketing requires a team of professionals.  Including but not limited to:

  • Photographers
    • Hair & makeup
    • Wardrobe stylist
    • Venus
  • Videographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Printers (new business cards, flyers, etc.)

Whether you have a team, would like me to work with your team or choose to use my team, before you embark on this journey please understand it takes a team and additional fees may be incurred from work required by other service providers.  My role is as a consultant, creative director and project manager. While I may do some of the execution, based on the project I will be outsourcing and delegating tasks to the appropriate service providers. Understand it takes 9 months to make a baby so expecting yourself to reinvent in any less time is unrealistic.  If you’ve done your personal work, have a clear direction and know your “why” it’s possible to design a brand or rebrand you in as few as 90 days. If you’re still on your path of discovery I honor that and hope you will be realistic with yourself and I if we choose to move forward in working together.

+ Design Package

Need ideas for business card layouts, social media banners or graphics. This is for you.  Clients like my design eye, often saying “Ashley, can you make this pretty for me?” so I call these my “pretties.”

  • 10 graphics of your choice and need.

Business Card Designs

Social Media graphics, banners


+ 90 Minute Individual Consultations (for existing clients)
  • Check-ins
  • Questions
  • Brainstorming


+ Wardrobe Styling Services

The fastest way to align your mind, body and soul is to change your clothes. It’s not about brands, trends or fads.  It’s about creating a visual statement that reflects who you are in your everyday presence.  Dressing like your life depends on it.

  • Identify Your Style ($125, 1 Hour)
  • Wardrobe Assessment ($350, 3 Hour)
  • Outfit Assembly($125, 1 Hour)
  • Event Styling ($95, 30 Minutes)
  • Personal Shopping ($500, 3 Hours)
  • Photo Shoot Styling ($125 per hour, $95 on referral) (Pre-shoot Hour $95)
  • Video Shoot Styling ($125 per hour, $95 on referral) (Pre-shoot Hour $95)

~ Schedule a COMPLEMENTARY 30-Minute Discovery Session ~

I would love to hear from you and see how I can be a positive resource for you!


Take a 360* perspective assessment of your personal branding & style.


Evaluate your brand fundamentals:

Identity, Image, Message and Marketing.


Score your brand techniques:

Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma.


Assess your reflection & action.