Branding is MORE than having a logo, business cards and website.  

It’s a creative standard operating procedure or a creative code of conduct for your business.

Allow me to be your creative director and project manager.


Do you know what your brands 1st impression is? Are you curious to have a second pair of eyes look over your online and offline presence (website ~ social media ~ marketing materials ~ brand elements, message and design)?  Allow me to be that unbiased viewer and offer you my perspective and take-aways.

~ Full Report of My Assessment & Suggestions

~ 1 Hour Recap of my findings and time for Q/A

~ Video Call Recording (via Zoom)


(If you choose to move forward, amount is credited toward brand design)


Need some time to think, reflect, dream and make plans for the BIG vision you have in mind for your business?  Here’s 3 Hours to do just that.

3 Hour Intensive:

~ Brainstorm your big vision, brand concept + goals

~ Leverage a Pinterest Inspiration Board

~ Focus yourself: Where are you now (Point A), where do you want to be (Point B) & Bridge the gap

~ In Person Session or Video Call Recording (via Zoom)

~ 30 Days of follow up support (via Voxer App)


(If you choose to move forward, amount is credited toward brand design)


Ready to give up good for GREAT!?  Let’s curate the reality you want to live in and align you with the opportunities and clientele you want to attract.

~ Reserved weekly 2 hour meetings

~ Creative Direction, Brand Management & Project Management

     – Phase 1: Discovery

     – Phase 2: Design

     – Phase 3: Integration & Implementation

~ Concierge Service of vetted A-Team vendors

~ Construction of the Iconic Brand Binder (Set a creative standard for your brand and outline an SOP that is consistent, cohesive and charismatic)

Project Set Up ($1,000) + Brand & Project Management (up to $2,000 per month) + any additional A-Team Vendor Fees (Paid to vendor)

On average Brand Design & Rebrand projects take 3 Months and run around $10,000 total

My Proven Process

DISCOVERY: Tell me everything about you, your business and your ultimate vision

DESIGN: With your vision as our muse, we begin the design process

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village.”  Allow me to organize the chaos and keep a consistent and cohesive creative standard among all staff and vendors working on your project.  My role is as your brand consultant, creative director and project manager. If you choose I also can direct and oversee the transition from your old branding to the integration of your new branding.

INTEGRATION & LAUNCH PLAN:  Integration checklist, implementation plan, a “show & tell” challenge, tips for good vs. great branding practices, recommended tech tools to manage your brand, and a quarterly branding exercise to keep your brand current with your continual evolution.

Based 100% on personal and project preference ~

DIY Option ~ Do It Yourself: Using your new brand binder you will be ready to fly solo.


DFY Option ~ Done For You:  This option is best for those who want me to direct and oversee the transition from your old branding to the integration of your new branding. Allow me to continue on as your brand manager, creative director & implementation strategist.  My team and I will lead and organize the integration and implementation of every detail of your new branding into your business.  We can partner with your team & staff or step in as needed. We can even coordinate a brand launch event for you.

The Iconic Brand Binder

Think of your Brand Binder as your brands standard operating procedure & code of conduct guide.


The Brand Binder:

  • Digital copy: Use to pull commonly used items quickly and easily.
  • Hard copy: Use as a reference guide for team members and vendors to all be on the same page (this way everyone will be rowing in the same direction as your vision).
    • Inform your team: Graphic designers, website developers/designers, social media managers, content writers, photographers, business coach, etc.


  • Branded Target Board & Branded Runway: Two tools I use to help clients stay “on-brand”
  • The Style Guide: A visual reference and representation of the tone, look & feel, aesthetic and inspiration for your new branding.  It’s your new creative standard.
  • The Core: Divided into 3 sections (Identity, Message & Marketing) is designed to organize your brand.  Consider these sections your SOP and code of conduct.
  • The Integration Plan: A comprehensive checklist for the ultimate up-leveling affect.  It my proven process and road map for integrate your new branding into your process and client experience, staging your brand and living your brand.
  • The Launch Plan: A detailed outline of the strategy I use when launching brands to gain the most exposure, reach, engagement and recognition.
  • The Google Sitemap: A birds eye view of your brand organized in Google Drive.  How folders, subfolders and documents are all organized and where to find everything.
*More About The A-Team *


Embarking on the journey to refine or design an iconic brand & style may require the support of a team of professionals.  To list a few:

  • Photographers
    • Hair & makeup
    • Wardrobe stylist
    • Venus
  • Videographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Printers (new business cards, flyers, etc.)

Whether we leverage your team or hire my A-Team, please understand it takes a team of professionals who specialize in their unique skills, therefore additional fees will be incurred from work required by other service providers.  My role is as a consultant, creative director and project manager.  While I may do some of the execution, based on the project I will be outsourcing and delegating tasks to the appropriate service providers as well, such as photography to my photographers.  Understand it takes 9 months to make a baby so expecting yourself to reinvent in any less time is unrealistic. If you’ve done your personal work, have a clear direction and know your “why,” it’s possible to design a brand or rebrand in as few as 90 days.  If you’re still on a path of self-discovery, I honor that and hope you will be realistic with yourself, myself and my team if we choose to move forward in working together.

~ Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30-Minute Discovery Session ~

I would love to hear about your business & branding project.


Assess your current brand and style

with a 360* perspective.


Evaluate the fundamentals of your brand:

Identity, Image, Message and Marketing.


Score your brand 3 C's:

Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma.


Reflect & plan your next action steps.