Ready to be proactive with your personal style?

~ Assess, organize and build your wardrobe collection while saving time & money.

~ Use clothing as a medium of self expression, confidence and sculpting your visual statement

~ Organize your closet in a way that inspires you to feel as if your shopping in your own wardrobe.

~ Embrace the power of fashion, closing deals in heels!  (No, high heels are not required but it is fun to say).

Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer… I’m Yours!

Style Review:

What’s working, what’s not and what do you wish was hanging in your closet?

Outfit Assembly:

Keeping you current with new outfit combinations for every season.

Seasonal Integration:

Embrace seasonal trends that align and highlight your personal style.

Wish List:

Pull together a list of missing items needed to complete your wardrobe collections (clothing, shoes and accessories).

Proactive Perspective:

An understanding that your personal style helps you attract and accept each opportunity life may send your way.


I would recommend we’ve identified your personal style and completed a wardrobe assessment before you take on this stylish service.

If we’ve not done so, call me and let’s schedule a time!

Ready to express your self with your personal style?

Let’s connect with a complementery 30-minute discovery session,

so I we can plan our session together!