Reinventing or Identity Crisis?

Reinventing or Identity Crisis?


R E I N V E N T I N G  OR  I D E N T I T Y  C R I S I S?

Are you having an identity crisis or just ready to reinvent yourself!?

“A successful reinvention doesn’t happen when you hate the person you are. It happens when you love yourself enough to believe that you can do better and deserve better.”

~ Unknown


  • Do you need to reinvent yourself?
  • Do you feel a disconnect from your life, job or relationship?
  • Have you fallen prey to the should be…. could be…. or need to be….?

In doing my work & walking my talk, I found myself the perfect subject of my own work recently. I realized my title “personal stylist” was no longer resonating with me. The work I offered my clients was deeper than I was marketing or giving myself credit for. How could I explain who I was and the services I offered better? and without losing credibility?

Then it hit me… was I having an identity crisis or just reinventing myself? The fact is I’ve reinvented myself more than once and I was having the feeling of growing pains again… this time in regards to the direction of my company. Strangely I was experiencing all the emotions my clients say they feel when working with me, excitement, clarity, new direction, perspective and empowerment.

Then hit the should-be’s…. I should be more sure. I should ask what others think, I should rework my website…

The truth was, I’m intuitive and my gut knows when it’s time to make a change. I’m educated in my craft and know the depth of my work, which I was not giving credit to. This was not an ignorant decision but a responsible management of my reputation. One that would help to better explain my work so those who needed me could find me. It seemed I had become an expert at helping others reinvent themselves so why not use my own coaching, techniques and assessment.

The point is, I was not having an identity crisis… I was reinventing myself once again.

I feel many of us quickly associate negativity to reinvention or identity crisis. However these states of being can also come about from positive change, a job promotion, getting engaged, or having a child. So I ask you…

Are you being seen the way you want to be seen?

Are you making the impression on others you want to make?

Are you giving yourself the credit you deserve?

or… are you just settling?

The goal of my work is to help female entrepreneurs and corporate executives discover the persona that makes them iconic. So they can identify with more than just their titles and duties in life. A persona that is the personality of their brand. A brand that is the face of their message. A message that is the spirit of their wardrobe and a style that is creates a visual statement of who they are.

Are you feeling the growing pains of needing to reinvent yourself? If so… I can help! Own your presence and reinvent yourself until you find that perfect fit.


Persona Stylist, Ashley Roda

Marianne Roda
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