“I can take a beautiful photography but a beautiful picture of an ugly outfit is no good for anyone!”

~ Kelly Mooney, Kelly Mooney Photography”

  • Do you have a photo shoot or video shoot coming up but you’re not sure what to wear!?  
  • Do you have a certain look or image you want to create with these photos or video but your closet seems like an uninspiring & overwhelming death trap!? 
  • Do you know what looks good in front of the camera & what gets “blurred out”!?


Before your shoot we will get together to plan out every look

Iconic Details on set styling includes:

  • Styling 1-3 “Personal” looks 
  • Styling 1-3 “Professional” looks 
  • Styling 1-2 “Go-to” personality looks
  • Styling 1 Dressy look

Iconic Details Video + Photo Shoot styling session is perfect for:

  • Senior Portraits
  • Brand Videography & Photography 
  • Professional Head-shots

$Price varies per project