The key to an iconic brand is:

Consistency, cohesion, and charisma

Q: What is a Brand Concept!?

A: The “concept” is the general idea or “theme” behind your business and brand that gives it its overall identity & personality.

It’s the theme of the party: Pink flamingo vs. Great Gatsby. The theme dictates everything from the location, decor, venue, atier, etc.

In business, it’s also the unique details others associated you with and what pops into their mind when thinking of you.  If I say Starbucks, you instantly think coffee, green apron, and green drink stoppers.

Iconic Details offers in-depth Brand Strategy sessions that includes:

  • Establishing a creative concept that not only reflect you and your business, but also one that becomes the ultimate attraction factor for your ideal clients.  Aligning and attracting the “right” opportunities to you!
  • Leveraging your YOU-nique brand strategy: Values, Vision + Mission Statements.
  • Identify your business’s iconic Persona (This is Ashley’s Freak-Factor ability).
  • Recognizing and highlighting the details & defining characteristics of your business .
  • Creation of an inspiration mood board.
  • Prioritizing your business with bullseye precision.
  • Researching your Iconic Details
  • Understanding & addressing the 3 Perspective Points of your brand: Your ideal client, your business and you.

How does it work

Iconic Details Brand Foundation session is perfect for you if…

  • You’re aiming for that palpable “vibe” you get when you walk into the restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or local business that’s done it right.  Everything is just consistent, cohesive and has that charismatic “je ne sais quoi.”
  • You’re launching, growing or expanding and want to establish a code of conduct for your brand so people know, like and trust YOU!
  • You’re willing to trust us when we say you may not ask for this but you NEED this!  Establishing your brand concept creates a resource and tool to keep everyone involved on the same page and working from the same inspiration point.  No more feeling frustrated and fragmented. THIS is the “help” you’ve been looking for!

How it works:

  • Book A Strategy Call.
  • Ashley will set up a shared Google Drive folder for you both to get organized and collaborate.
  • Depending on your learning style and work habits, Ashley will walk you through this in-depth process and get you going in the right direction, while answering any questions you may have.  Some people choose to do this on their own (one person completed this while on an airplane from NYC to Portland), while others may opt for more support and have Ashley do it with them.  
  • In the end, Ashley will meet with you to review, refine and finalize your brand foundation.  She will also give you recommendations and suggestions for integration and implementation.

Note: This service is best bundled with the iconic Brand Audit & Brand Strategy sessions.  Ask about bundle pricing!