Plan Before You Brand

Plan Before You Brand


Here’s the problem:
You want business cards, a logo and website.
You want people to remember you.
You want to stand out from the crowd.
You want to be the “go-to” person in your industry.
You want to be unique enough that people see you for YOU!

So now…
You hired a friend to help you out.
You picked things YOU liked.
You got overly excited and rushed the initial process.
Now, your x-amount of dollars invested into your current branding.
You’re making excuses and apologising for the fact your brand is completely unrelatable to you and your ideal clients
How do those darn Instagram-boss-babes do it!?

Solution: Plan BEFORE You Brand!

Set your intention
Your brand is a visual representation of you, your business and your audience.
What is your overall intention?
What do you want your brand to do for you?
Make introductions
Set a standard
Be a rebel
Connect and convert
What are your goals?
What kind of opportunities and clientele do you want to attract?
How can your business help you do this?
Usually I find clients intentions are either a goal, deadline or launch.

Assess your current situation
How does your current banding align with this intention?
What’s missing?

Be true to YOU
What is YOUR way of doing XYZ (goal, deadline or launch)
You know everyone else is doing it (this way) but from your first hand experience you know it best to do it (this way).

Who does your client need you to be in order to be the best solution for their problem?
Usually this means fully stepping into your zone of genius.
Channeling your ultimate potential.

Constantly center yourself and stay on brand by asking “Is this really me?” “Is this MY way of doing this?”


If it doesn’t match your intention…
If your not honest with yourself…
If it’s not done YOUR way…
If it doesn’t align you to be your clients best solution…
If you fall prey to the should, could’s, would’s and well “I… liked it”…

You’re not branding, your scrambling.

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Marianne Roda
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