Imagine a workshop built around synergy, collaboration, constructive feedback and hands-on-coaching.

A half day dedicated to you reflecting, refreshing and designing the next level in your business & success.


January ~ April ~ July ~ October

Join an intimate group of, 5 to 6 total, like minded individuals

ready to focus on transforming and upleveling their businesses.


Point A = Where you are now? Reflecting

Point B = Where you want to be? Action

The 3 C’s = Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma Perspective


Collaboration, brainstorming & hands-on-coaching.

Conscious, respectfully and honest feedback from mastermind members.

Designated time for you to reflect on what needs to be refreshed and designed in your business.


Synergy:  the creation of a collective mind greater than our individual minds.


  • Take a conscious self-assess of your current branding:
    • Reviewing your brand’s identity, image, messaging and marketing.
      • Using the 360* Iconic Perspective map.
    • Reflect on your past 90 days (performance, accomplishments and milestones).
      • Focusing on what worked, what didn’t and what you want more of?
    • Strategically planning your next 90 days (goals, projects and things-to-do).
  • Love & Lean: In some instances you will be offering your insight, feedback and experience (Love).  Other times you will be asking the group for its collective feedback (Lean).
  • Strategize an integration plan: For the inspired ideas that bubble up from this mastermind experience, you will create an outline for items you need to refresh in your business and items you need to design for your business.


  • Intimate masterminds, groups will max out at 6 people.
  • ½ day Masterminds (9am-2pm or 3pm-8pm)
    • 4 hours with (15 minute breaks every hour, so total 5 hours)
    • Bring your own snack & beverage (depending on venu)
    • Bring your computer, power cable, mobile phone, notepad & pen
    • Bring anything you need to get your creative juices flowing


I will even share with you the programs, apps and tools I use to manage my clients brands and projects!

Iconic Details Rebrand Reveal ~ FREE ~ Live Online Mastermind

April 2018

In honor of Iconic Details revealed new design & style


Reflect & Refresh Your Brand.

Sharing my branding journey and supporting you with yours.

Topics will include:

“The 3 C’s To Personal Brand Consulting: Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma”

“360* Iconic Perspective Brand Assessment”

With time for reflection, self assessment & Q/A!



Take a 360* perspective assessment of your personal branding & style.

Evaluate your brand fundamentals: Identity, Image, Message and Marketing.

Score your brand techniques: Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma.

Assess your reflection & action.