Paulette Rees-Denis

Project Description

Paulette Rees-Denis and I partnered to rebrand and enhance her business, streamline her operations, and completely redesign her website.  She wanted a new logo, colors, fonts and overall energy to her branding.  A design concept that would capture the essence of her coaching business and complement the existing branding of her dance company, Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance.

Our goals were to:

  • Define an iconic brand strategy
  • Create a cohesive brand concept
  • Design an iconic brand identity
  • Establish creative standards for what was “on brand”
  • Visually showcase her business, products and services
  • Create an iconic customer experience to makes them say “wow”
  • Provide perspective, organization and support to Paulette as she scales and streamlines the business

“Ashley is so vibrant with amazing creative energy and worked absolute magic for my new branding! She asked many questions throughout the intensive process, to get a good feel for my work and my desire for my new logo, colors, and new website.  Ashley gave great attention in how to make my business work better through my website too. She totally got me! I am so pleased with my new branding! It should also be noted she has a great team working with her too which is a huge plus.”

Brand Design

Leveraging the Iconic Details branding process, we began with an extensive brand audit to see what we were working with and a series of discovery sessions to understand Paulette’s ultimate vision for her business and brand.


We established Paulette’s brand strategy was to position her in contrast to mainstream social media constructs, status quos, get rich quick schemes and traditional templated coaching methodologies.  Paulette’s methodology of movement, momentum and magic was focused on her unique ability to be a passion instigator, movement motivator and magic maker.


Next, we streamlined the process for her process, by creating an SOP for her customer journey and overall brand experience.  Every step, action, worksheet and detail required before working with her, while working with her and after working with her.  Every component for her as the service provider and to ensure the client’s ultimate experience.


To work most efficiently and cohesively with the A-Team, I composed a creative brief.  This outlined the project, the business, products and services, desired customer experience, competition, target audience, and creative direction for each vendor.  This is vital for assets being created by multiple vendors to have consistency, cohesion and charisma.  To be unified and “on brand” for the client.


The brand concept and inspiration was an eclectic blend of iconic Palm Springs, vintage retro, and a desert resort spa.


We collaborated with North Corner Designs for Paulette’s final logo design, color palette, and typography. Her logo is symbolic of her methodology, client progress, internal fire, being a triple fire: Leo Sun, Aries Moon and Sag Rising.  It also embodies numerology with 9 rays indicative of her Tarot soul card #9.


We collaborated with Cosmital Designs for her website design.  Intentionally curating the customer experience, showcasing her services, sharing her story and making it easy for potential customers to book a call with her, purchase her books and listen to her podcast.


Final steps of integration and implementation are still in process as we leverage and use all the amazing work we did together.

Through our work together we were able to identify Paulette’s iconic brand persona, target her dream coaching clients, establish her brand strategy through clear company values, and write concise mission and vision statements.  We created a brand that brings consistency, cohesion to her now complimenting businesses.  Her brand style guide and organized brand binder establishes her creative standards and what is to be considered “on brand” for her.  We visually showcased her work and gave her a platform of credibility, creativity and charm.


  • Persona Perspective
  • Brand Strategy
  • Established Ideal Client & Target Market
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Website Design Direction
  • Creative Direction


  • Iconic Brand Binder
  • Brand Style Guide


  • Detailed PDX, Executive Assistant
  • North Corner Designs, Graphic Design
  • Cosmital Designs, Website Design

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