My theory behind style as a lifeSTYLE

My theory behind style as a lifeSTYLE




Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak – Rachel Zoe

Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing

– Alexander Wang

You can have anything you want. If you dress for it. – Edith Head

Dressing well is a form of good manners – Tom Ford

Buy less, choose well & make it last. – Vivienne Westwood

You cannot act like flip flops and expect to be treated like Louboutins – Unknown


It’s surprising to me how many people have yet to embrace style as a lifestyle. In this article I hope to share my passion for why style has become my lifestyle.

When I think of fashion, I think of name brands, seasonal trends and social fads. When I think of style, I think of self expression, a visual personality & someone’s authentic essence.

As a night owl myself, mornings are a struggle. I am not one who wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed. My morning routine has become more self pampering than adrenaline pumping. I begin most every morning with a shower and hot cup of earl grey tea.

Applying my makeup has become like painting a canvas, consciously captivating others. Smokey eyes to capture their attention and neutral tones to be more relatable. Bright lips for when I need others to focus on the words I’m saying and chapstick if I am expecting a kiss. Strategic, you ask? Always!

Next, I’m finding inspiration in my closet. Building an outfit that shows off my personality, is in alignment with my goals and functions as I need it to for my day. Will I meet a new client? Will I be moving around on a photo shoot? Or, will I be networking with corporate executives? Then, I’m packing options for the car. Flats if I wear heels, a jacket for a sleeveless shirt and maybe a full change of clothes.

Personally, I believe style is a medium for self expression. It’s a medium to make a visual statement on the world around us. How we exude the [fill in your name] vibe.

While earning my psychology degree I wrote a paper on fashion’s impact on performance and anxiety. I found that when subjects dressed up, confidence levels increased. Increased confidence yielded increased performance. In my life, style has been a source of empowerment. Life can be hard, really hard, but sometimes you just have to get up and get dressed.

There are many who don’t wear make-up, dislike shopping and think fashion is only for the rich and famous. I believe fashion is what you buy four times a year, style is how you put it together and for the daring, personal style can be a source of empowerment. Consider how a painter uses paint to create his masterpiece. As a stylist, your wardrobe is my paint and creating a visual statement that reflects your authentic essence is my masterpiece.

Persona Stylist, Ashley Roda

Marianne Roda
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