Mona Vertin Properties


A new Windermere Real Estate Agent, Mona Vertin was looking to identify the details that would make her an iconic real estate agent. Originally from Germany, Mona was very involved in the local German Heritage Society.  As a retired nurse Mona found her passion for real estate after moving multiple times and renovating multiple homes over the years.  Her focus was to become a relocation specialist and remodeling project coordinator.

Brand Design

With Windermere’s branding as our foundation, we leveraged the Iconic Details branding process to identify the vision Mona had for her business and personal brand. From her vision we established her brand strategy and differentiating YOU-niqueness.  Mona wanted to design and print business cards, tri-fold brochures and create buyer/seller booklets.  She wanted branded photography and to update her digital presence.


With a little creative direction and leveraging the colors from the German flag we were able to bring consistency, cohesion and charisma to Mona’s personal brand.

Through the branding process we were able to hone her personal brand, her brand message and marketing strategy.  We organized her business and brand into the iconic brand binder and established her brand identity, color palette, typography and visual concept.


  • Personal Branding
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Color Palette
  • Print Material inspiration
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Photography
  • Website Design Direction
  • Creative Direction


  • Iconic Brand Binder
  • Trifold Agent Brochure
  • Branded Buyers Book


  • Barbara McIntyre Photography

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