~ Suzie Sandoval

OrganiZEN Living

~ Linda Bard

Find Your Creative Voice

~ Jillian Schaffer

Interior Designer, Jillian Elizabeth Schaffer

Brand Persona & Clear Perspective
“I recently worked with Ashley to create my brand persona. The experience was amazing. It helped me hone the vision for my business and ideal client. It also gave me a clear perspective for my brand which makes it easier to know how to craft my website, my social media content, and how to present myself to my ideal clients.

Ashley was a joy to work with. She brings so much energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to the process that it shines through in the final product. She also has a great way of getting to the heart of your business and creating a design persona that is authentic and truly unique to you.
~ Monica Bourgeau

Coach & Consultant, Your New Phase

Beautiful Depth

“I did not know I was going to leave a coffee date with Ashley a changed woman. Every question she asked – which came naturally to her – I wrote down and ran with them. I’ve had so many insights and a-ha moments in less than 24 hours of being with her. I feel clear, inspired, and ready to hit the ground running.”
~ Sophia Treyger

The Radical Pleasurist, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Iconic Meeting

“Ashley was thorough an patient during our coffee meeting regarding brand management. We covered much ground in seeing if the partnership is workable with all the details. I left with a few questions to think over. Thanks very much for an Iconic meeting, Ashley”
~ Elizabeth Rohloff

Custom Clothier - Millinery, Garment Restyling and Tailoring, ElizaBeth Rohloff Designs

~ Joelle Lewis

Realtor, Premiere Property: Lewis & Associates Real Estate Team

~ Patrick Bancke

Premiere Property Group

~ Jacqueline Nichols

Professional Matchmaker, Discover Love Matches

Visionary, Insightful and Inspiring
“Recently I made a big switch, leaving my marketing and PR job to turn my photography passion into a new career. Initially, I met with Ashley in the hopes of teaming with her to help style my portrait clients. In little time, I realized that I’d found a branding consultant whose vision and insight ran far deeper than anything I could have crafted on my own. I’m so grateful to know and work with her, for my clients’ benefit … and very much for my “persona” brand as well!”

~ Kelly Mooney

Photographer, Kelly Mooney Photography

A Wonderful Idea Source

“Ashley Roda at Iconic Details is a very bright, creative, and resourceful person who excels at helping her clients discover, develop and display their real personas. From goal setting to wardrobe to business advice she is a valuable source of ideas, advice, and coaching.”
~ Jon Turino

Wedding Officiant

“Ashley is able to understand the needs of both men and women in all age groups and focuses her work on honoring her client’s essence, not just the latest fads. She has developed a framework that takes style beyond clothes and taps into the messages we give and receive about ourselves every day. Ashley also thrives on building connections between people that she works with. She is a talented woman and I look forward to working with her for a long time to come.”

~ Elizabeth Simpson

Gemologist and Fine Jewelry Appraiser, The Jeweled Crescent

~ Megan Tucker

Owner, Renewal Spa & Beauty

~ Kathleen Lansing

Business Coach, SBDC

Ageless Beauty & Wellness Photo shoot: Styling my client & 7 other models:

Later saying:

“I came to you with a lack of knowledge about how to proceed with my Nu Skin business plan. I needed help with my frustration about a lack of focus and feelings of being overwhelmed in an arena of inexperience in technology and social media. I had tried getting help with other people and got nowhere fast. And, it wasn’t for a lack of willingness to take guidance.

I was happy to find your listening ear and attention to detail in learning about what I hoped to accomplish. You have an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter and make substantial changes. Your project management skills are wonderful as demonstrated by overseeing an 11 woman photo shoot on location – kind of like herding cats- with all women attending very happy with the outcome! You cleaned up a minefield of FB pages and got me on track. I look forward to continued collaboration with you and your team.”

~ Colleen Bourassa

Ageless Beauty & Wellness

Video shoot styling
“I met with Ashley casually for coffee and once I learned about what she does, I ended up hiring her to style me for a professional video shoot I have coming up! I was so nervous about what to wear and how to style and I feel confident and even excited! I’m looking forward to the result!”

~ Julie Peterson

Mortgage Loan Officer, Peak Mortgage

Ashley totally reminds me of Rachel Zoe! Ashley works with ‘impressions’ rather than pieces. She took the time to get to know me as a person, then looked through my entire wardrobe to pick up on my unique ‘vibe’. THEN she started asking me questions about what I liked and how I felt about certain looks.

We also spent a lot of time understanding how I wanted to elevate my business and dress the part. I felt like she built a mental ‘style guide’ just for me of what I wanted and used that when we went shopping. Everything she picked for me was spot on and a perfect fit for my perfect new image filled with clothes I can’t wait to wear!

~ Lauri Hand

Business Systems Strategist, Coaching By Hand

Ashley Roda bravely came to my home, at a moment’s notice, to help me with a daunting task I had no idea how to tackle.  I, an executive woman, had taken a job in a land far-far-away, and I was to leave in 2 weeks with only 2 suitcases.  What should I pack?
I make effective decisions about many things, but my attire has never been a priority.  After all, I have been in the same town doing business for over 25 years.  Everyone already has an opinion about me.  Now I would be faced with first impressions, which will open or close doors.
Ashley threw open my closet and my sweater cupboard and went to work, matching my skin tones to a clothing pallet; putting colors and textures together I never would have imagined.   Making sure those pieces could be cross-outfitted – yep, I learned a new word.  Then she chose 3 pairs of shoes.
All around my room on hangars were these works of clothing art that I would be able to wear.  But wait!  She wasn’t done.  She added scarves, hair pieces, and jewelry. She wasn’t done until the outfits were complete.  Then pictures were taken, so I wouldn’t have to remember, and added to my phone and computer. I also didn’t have to buy anything.  I had no idea I had such jewels residing in my closet.
Ashley is gifted, creative, positive and inspiring.  Without hesitation I would recommend her to help you with your styling needs. Once I’m established in my new home, I hope she will help me purchase my summer wardrobe

~ Rachelle Freegard


I capped my workday yesterday with a consult with the FANTASTIC Ashley Roda. She was so right on target about my style sense expressing who I am authentically. She understood where I am with my business, my age, my alter ego(s). Her specific suggestions truly resonated with me. She threw in some “extras” as well.
I’m SO glad I didn’t let her young voice put me off – she “gets” a much broader demographic than her own. She embodies the eWomen motto!

~ Jackie Wolfe

Massage, Health & Wellness Consultant

What a treat to have Ashley Roda from Iconic Details come over and create stylish outfits from my wardrobe. I know how to pick out pieces of clothing I love but needed an eye for style to help me match my outfits to my personality! I highly recommend if you are wanting to gift yourself with a new and improved image, Ashley is amazing and gifted!!!

~ Suzie Sandoval

Professional Organizer, OrganiZen

So much fun!!! Ashley is amazing! We found some awesome stuff I can’t wait to get more. This is very much outside of my normal bubble but I love it and so does my husband.

~ Jessica Dillon

Retired Military

I changed like 3 times this morning, not because I looked bad, but because I had so many options and new outfits I wanted to wear. I feel so pretty!

@ 2 week follow up after working together:

Outfit pairing is going great! Also, I think in the long run you have saved me a lot of money as I feel less inclined to impulse buy new things to make me look nice (like more sweaters). I just switch things up! That’s a very important take away!!!! 🙂

~ Emily Fishback

Advertising, Portland Family Magazine

Ashley helped me out so much yesterday! We visited the GW Boutique in Oregon city, and she helped me curate a fall wardrobe – 7 pieces, for $53. Insanity? Yes! Stylish outfits and an awesome time together, yes! Book her now. You won’t regret it.

~ Jeany Park

Videographer, Compass Rose Video

Great session this weekend with amazing Personal Stylist Ashley Roda!  I think I just discovered $2,000 in new outfits inside my own closet, with stuff I never would have thought to put together, without spending a dime shopping. What?? Thank-you, Ashley!

~ Patti-Sarah Pierson

Professional Organizer

It was my wife’s birthday and I had been trying to think of a gift for her when I meet Ashley.  I asked if she could do a style sessions with my wife for her birthday.  My wife was very excited.  After working with Ashley she said “I was scared in the beginning, she was very honest with me about what worked and what didn’t.  Then by the end I got the hang of it and could really see what she meant.”  It’s been a few weeks now and my wife is still coming up with new outfits, got rid of some stuff and let me tell you… it was a LOT cheaper to have Ashley shop with my wife and give her a consult than if my wife had just gone shopping by herself.

~ James Fishback

Attorney & Emily Fisback Hubby

Ashley is great at helping craft a professional, fun, and individual style for you! We are going shopping tonight for some essential pieces I’m missing to make my wardrobe pop. I’m so excited

~ Julie Swearingen

Independant Consultant

Wow! Are you READY? Ready to be inspired by someone who is going for her passion and living her dreams without hesitation?!  I am so happy for Ashley Roda who has just launched her new business! She is amazing and super talented! I can’t wait for my own wardrobe consulting via Skype!  Check out her page and give her a call or send a message to have your own consult.

~ Private Client

Thanks Ashley Roda for your help with my branding. It’s been invaluable!

~ Gail King Bendert

On The Go CFO, SBRG,Inc.

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Ashley Roda, personal stylist with Iconic Details. We spent some time today shopping in my closet ! I do have some things to donate and only need to pick up a few things, it’s good to have a list! This was time well spent. If you are considering updating or just need assistance with your look, I highly recommend Ashley.

~ Eileen Griswold

Independat Aflac Agent

I just attended my first Shop&Learn with Ashley.  It was a very fun and interactive way to learn the best style for you! I’ll definitely go to this event again. I learned so much, from the different looks a high heal can give your outfit to how to bargain shop, all from an expert personal shopper.

~Danielle Gilmour

Owner, Love Prints

I want to give a quick shout out to Ashley Roda’s page Iconic Details she has been helping me figure out the next steps I should be taking with my music and helping me figure out what I really want to accomplish through music. Thank you Ashley for everything you have done and continue to do! If you guys want help with your business or craft give her a call she is very good at what she does!”

~ Simon Baum

Musician (Singer & Songwriter)

Ashley Roda with Iconic Details has inspired me to get into my closet and create! I put together about 17 different outfits with layers and scarves and accessories so I can plan my looks in advance and look totally put together! Fun

~ Temple Cartmill

Owner,, The Conscious Woman