It’s TIME!!!

It’s TIME!!!

#RealTalk ~ Sorry Not Sorry ~ 

This weekend my head was stuck in a massive download… channeling something huge for us all.

I had projects for many of you but for EVERYONE I had a strong knowing we were ALL missing something…

I kept being asked about “core” business issues and how you should be setting things up… like a damn business coach or something!!  I mean the freaking basics guys!!!

Badass business owners, thought leaders and industry leaders… Not knowing their visions! Not knowing the WHY behind their hustle.  Not knowing their clients needs… Not knowing how they want to show up for their audience other than “well, my favorite color was XYZ so I went with that!” (Insert my slow death here)!!

Guys what they heck are we doing!  

We’re not playing house!

We’re sharing our GIFTS with the world!

We’ve been called to a sacred assignment!

I realized we ALL, myself included, needed to take a beat… review the basics… outline our foundations… remember our goals… and recalibrate!  

We need to stop looking to outside resources for the answer and ask ourselves or be asked the right QUESTIONS!!!

It’s obvious we want to scale and grow!  But…How the heck can we scale if we don’t know the foundation were building on?  How can we scale and grow if we can’t explain our vision to OTHERS succinctly???

I sounded like a broken record this past week: “What’s the concept behind your brand!?”

“What’s the vision, goal or “big-hairy-fat-goal”  as my friend Karin likes to call it, you’re trying to achieve with your business/brand!?”

“Tell me about your services and the clients you work with!?”

“What are you trying to achieve by upleveling your branding!?”


(Ok… that last one… was what I was thinking inside my head!).

So I went back to my masters… 

The documents I refine after every successful and challenging client…

The elements of my proven process to help each of us have an iconic brand and style… to help us each focus our brilliance into our brand and align with the “right” opportunities and clientele…

I refined, adjusted and reorganized them ALL based on my most recent clients, their needs and the needs & realizations I had after MY most recent evolution.  (A take you to your knees kind of moment… the one that breaks you down so hard you break open to a new version of you!)

Here’s what I know to be TRUE:

It’s time to BE our business.

It’s time to LIVE our work.

It’s time to share our UNIQUE gifts and skills.

It’s time to be more “YOU”

It’s time to put down the tactics (social media, email lists, funnels, opt-ins, bullshit do-do-do) and get back to FLOW and inspired action with a clear direction and intention.

(Just like tapping into my Flow creating this rant of love!)

Now… How do I plan on supporting you!?  How do I beat this idea into you!? How do I give you what I use so I never answer clients, coaches or colleagues with:

“I don’t know”

“You tell me”

“What do you think I should do”

“I haven’t thought about that”


“Sure! Let me send you that!”

“I haven’t done that before but give me the day and I can get you my version of that!”

See the difference!

I feel a group workshop coming on… like a 2 week or 21 day challenge… takes 21days to make a new habit… time to learn and time to DO IT…  We sit our ass’s down and get this shit out once and for all…

Only to be refined, recalibrated and honored in future situations of growth and clarity!

We can’t grow something we can’t tell someone else about!!

I haven’t done something like this before so all I need to do is break it down into bite size pieces, give us some Q/A time, a way to sign up for individual support if you want it and we are good to go!  I will probably be running this over on Podia where I host my community work space.

So who’s with me!

Who wants to sort their shit!?

Get organized!

Pull back… steady their aim… and fire their business off into the next level of SERVING!

I’m not letting you out of my sight till we get this sorted!  The same way I wouldn’t let you leave the house in a bad outfit, I am not letting you continue to do business what a half-ass’d brand!  Friends don’t do that to friends. We say when there’s food in your teeth and when you’re branding is not representing your full potential!

We’re about to see how vibes with me and who doesn’t.


I have a FREE worksheet and training video for those ready to get started TODAY!!!  Hope over to Facebook and comment “ITS TIME” and I will send it to you!

I also invite you to share this conversation to your page if you feel you know someone else that could benefit from this message!  Heck tag them below!


Marianne Roda
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