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I was recently inspired by an amazing interview by Marie Forleo & Todd Henry, author of Louder Than Words. Todd discusses his perspective on how to create a voice worthy of a platform. He explains that entrepreneurs have put the cart before the horse when it comes to creating a platform for themselves. The focus being how to grow their audience, get more views and increasing engagement, rather than focusing on the actual message they want to share. He continues by recommending entrepreneurs ask themselves questions such as: “What topics do I want to have on your platform?” And, “What do you I want to say?”

This concept inspired me to think about my own platform and the message I want to share others, specifically you reading this article:

I would say… I see you.  I see you, even when you don’t see you.

I would say you’re not alone.

I wonder if you’ve ever said:

  • I thought I was the only one!
  • There is something brewing inside of me, I feel like I’m meant to be something more.
  • I am having an identity crisis, the reflection in the mirror doesn’t match how I feel on the inside.
  • I would give anything if someone could just show me the way.
  • I’m tired of settling and just doing the motions.
  • I’m ready for change… I think I am going to cut my hair!

I would share that I have a proven system, a road map if you will, to avoiding suffering from an identity crisis (due to some kind of life transition) and empower you to just reinvent. Reinvent in a way that best aligns you, with the next phase or chapter of your life, whatever that may be.

I would explain that I blend Wardrobe Styling and Personal Brand Consulting. Why?

Wardrobe Styling: because the fastest way I know to change your mind, body and soul is to just change your clothes. You know the power of that butt-kicking-life-altering-game-changing outfit I’m talking about!

Personal Branding, because impression management allows you to become a master of perception. Because, when you know the perception others have of you, you understand how or what they associate you with and you’re conscious to your branding… you can consciously align yourself with endless opportunities.

Finally, I would explain the goal of my work is about being a more concentrated version of you. Not fitting the mold or role the culture surrounding you wants you to be or says you “should” be.

I would explain that having clarity (a defined persona), confidence (a strategy) and a community (finding your tribe of like minded individuals) to help you align your internal essence with your everyday presence… is possible.

I would empower you to dress like your life depended on it. To identify the details that make YOU iconic & memorable and encourage you to upleveling your life unapologetically.

If you were given a platform, what would you say? …if I were given a platform, this is what I would say.


To view the interview I reference in this column, Click Here!

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Marianne Roda
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