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90 Day Planner

* BUSINESS Version *
90 Day Planner

Creating my logo was a unique experience.  I felt as though I had channeled the design for a source bigger than myself.  Like something was guiding me to create a mark meant for a community, rather than a logo to symbolize my work.  For the past few years it has been a visual cue and moral compass for my life.  I named my company Iconic Details but I have come to believe it is actually a lifestyle.

The past few years have been a series of learning lessons and hurdles prepping me for the creation of this collection.   My biggest wish is for those who choose a lifestyle of Iconic Details to see this mark and know the depth, symbolism and meaning.

Carry it with pride!  Carry it as your own!  Know you are not alone!

Symbolism & Meaning


  • Black = Luxury, Sophistication, Protection, Mysterious, Authority, Strength, Formal, Evolution
  • Gold = Charisma, Individuality, Glamour, Elegance, Prosperity, Wisdom, Self-worth
  • The Golden Head = Consciousness & Intention
  • The Infinity Body / Body Infinity = Represents the universal~source~energy that flows through all of us
    • Feel your pulse and tell me that is not magic!
  • The Person = Is YOU, the soulful embodiment of your ultimate potential and iconic persona
  • The D = Represents the details!
    • The front curve of the D = The energy field that radiates from inside of you out into the world around you
    • The tails of the D (extend above and below the person) = Show you are always protected by the details
  • iD = A personal ID, identification or identity
  • The Gradient = Illustrates the eb & flow in life
    • The growth phases, transition phase, evolutionary phase…  that pushes us through the dark and into the light


Photos of my original sketches:

After sketching many variations in notebooks and things, I made these final designs with my two favorite things:

A black sharpie & A gold paint-pen.

The Iconic Detail Lifestyle

This mark has taught me:

  • Details matter!
    • They give the ordinary the potential to be extraordinary.
  • Be YOU for the right few, not everything for everyone
  • Rule your life with ICONIC details
    • It’s a choice to giving up good for GREAT.
    • Never settle… always learning, evolving and growing.
  • Set conscious intentions.
  • Have fun till its not longer fun.
  • Being “ICONIC” means you are visibly authentic.
  • Embrace your essence and own your presence.

Persona Color Changing Mug

Tote Bag

Travel Mug

Weekender Bag

Travel Mug

Persona Sticker

Travel Mug




Inspiration has hit!

Stay tuned I am designing more as we speak

100 Page Notebook (lined pages)

Paperback: 6 x 9 inches.

Interior: black & white. 


ISBN: 978-1720132578

100 Page Notebook (lined pages)

Paperback: 6 x 9 inches.

Interior: Full color


ISBN: 978-1720132981