Iconic Details 2017

Iconic Details 2017

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Awakening conscious female entrepreneurs.

Blending wardrobe styling and brand management.

Creating a visual statement that aligns your internal essence with your everyday presence.

            As many of you know, a new year brings new perspective. This year, Iconic Details is motivated by awakened conscious women who are ready to uplevel their personal brands and style. Helping them embrace their “lux,” meaning luxury, however, they may define it and always dressing like your life depends on it.

Iconic Details was started for a selfish reason, it’s what I had needed, so many times in the past. Queen of reinventing, I have become an expert to the unsettling yet exciting moment when you realize it’s time to make life-altering changes. Some view this moment as an identity crisis, I’ve come to realize it’s just your soul saying it’s time to reinvent. It’s the moment when your life pivots, transition or transformation is required.

First comes the gut-wrenching realization. Then, the self-doubting depression and frustration. It’s the times in your life, which are not always the most graceful, guided by Destiny. Whom we all know is not a subtle force to be reckoned with. In the times I’ve found myself reinventing my identity, persona and soul were all evolving. Times when I was choosing to uplevel my current situation and demand more for myself. I admit, more times than not, these moments were not prompted by a positive stimuli (a break up, career gone wrong or health scare) yet sometimes they were (a job promotion, angle investor and great new friends).

Opposed to every hope and prayer, there was never a yellow brick road to follow or a universal note card explaining my current life lesson. It took six years in college, a degree in psychology, a life sucking temp job, a cancer diagnosis, exposure to image consulting and a friend saying “I have an interview across the country, can you help me pack and dress to impress them?” For me to develop Iconic Details into the company you see today.

Last year, I made the declaration to rule my life with Iconic Details. Not the company but people, places and things that were individually iconic, detailed and memorable. It was important that they also be F. U. N., which for those of you who don’t know is my acronym for fashionable, unique and noticeable.

I believe to lead others you must walk your talk. It takes a true phoenix to lead others through this process. It has been my passion for world travel, intuition, being a competitive athlete, a passion for world cultures and study of art history that laid my foundation. Without realizing it at the time, my Bachelors of Science in Psychology has also helped me immensely.

Today, after many evolutions, Iconic Details presents me to you as a Persona Stylist. It’s a term my past roommate came up with after realizing the limitation the industry titles had when explaining my work. Image consultant, personal stylist, personal shopper, personal brand consultant, brand manager… none of them said it all. So she came up with “Persona Stylist.”

My work is a passionate blend of wardrobe styling and impression management. After studying the traditional theories of Image Consulting, I quickly realized these old fashioned ways were limiting, categorical and outdated for the modern women I wanted to work with. Where tradition would suggest color analysis, fashion fads, name brands and seasonal trends I was wanting to take a different approach. I wanted to share the psychology behind color, encourage you to ask yourself, “what statement do I want to make?” I wanted to educate women on their body shape and embrace accents that reflected their personality more than a trend.

I hope I’ve shared my passion and purpose behind creating Iconic Details. I hope you will visit my website to get a feel of what working together will be like. Finally, I hope you will reach out if you find yourself ready to reinvent and ready to uplevel your personal brand and style.


Marianne Roda
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  • Kathleen Lansing

    A mission statement:Well done!

    January 10, 2017 at 11:31 PM