Join this exclusive lifestyle community dedicated to:

~ Loyalty ~ Integrity ~ Respect ~ Identity ~

~ Empowerment ~ Self-love ~ Support ~

  • No member is ever “alone.”
  • We Love & We Lean:  We offer love to fellow members & lean in when we need to receive the love.
  • We are self-defining individuals:  Internally defined by our personal beliefs, values and goals.  Never to be defined categorically, socially, culturally or otherwise.
  • We let our unique perspectives empower and strengthen us.
  • We arrive at new levels with new devils, together.
  • We are a tribe of Zebra’s that celebrating with “Yea!” even when surrounded by horses that moan “Nay….”


Members Benefits:

    • Dependable monthly meetings
    • Access to private Facebook group
    • Gift One – Get One: joining members leave behind a little something for the next member who joins.  They also have the opportunity to choose from the generosity of members who have joined before them.

Become a member:

Membership is by invitation only.  2 Current members must vouch for your addition to the group.  With the votes of two current and active members you will be approved.