Fashionable, Unique & Noticeable (F.U.N) Style Tips

Fashionable, Unique & Noticeable (F.U.N) Style Tips

In a recent interview with Suzie Sandoval, founder of OrganiZEN, I shared the following style tips:

~ What inspired me to be a wardrobe stylist

~ How to identify your iconic details

~ How to style your body shape

~ How to wear your clothes and not have your clothing wear you

~ How to dress in a buffet line of looks

~ How to build a minimalist wardrobe

~ Check out my Pinterest for inspiration boards: IconicDetailsAR

~ Intimates and Undies

~ How to look like a perfect 10

~ What I look for in a styled outfit that makes it really pop

~ Dress for the reality you want to live in and align with the opportunities you want to attract.

To watch this live interview click Here

Marianne Roda
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