Do you know your WHY!?

Do you know your WHY!?

Q: Do you know your WHY? 

In this video I share 8 prompts to identify and declare your WHY so that your passion becomes your Know ~ Like ~ Trust factor!

  1. What impact do YOU want to make on the world around you with your business/brand?
  2. What’s missing in the world today, that only YOU can solve?
  3. What’s YOUR unique approach? 
  4. What’s YOUR unique way of doing _____XYZ______?
  5. What do you offer that your customers can’t get anywhere else?
  6. What unique value do YOU bring to the table?
  7. Why do you want to be the “new industry standard”?
  8. Why do you do what you do?

Without a WHY you’re not a business owner, you are just a salesperson selling someone else’s why. #Truthbomb

Every business owner and entrepreneur watching this has a WHY!

Trust me when I say no one is crazy enough to do what we do without having a strong WHY!!!


💗Join me, identify or reaffirm your WHY and let’s build an iconic brand around it!

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If you’re a more established business owner looking to evolve or expand your brand with more 1 on 1 support, give me a “Let’s talk” in the comments.

Marianne Roda
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