Episode 28

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*ANNOUNCEMENT* Moving forward we will no longer be doing weekly show notes and full recaps of each episode. We will list topics discussed and resources shared. Full show notes will likely be a future benefit inside the Mimosa Hotline speakeasy membership. Questions, comments or feedback about this please email us at mimosa.hotline@gmail.com.

Ronii and Ashley recap their week (tech issues, marketing person follow up, updating your systems and SOPs, Google doc ownership, needing multiple laptops to keep up with our workload, Ashley questions her sanity and humanity, confusing compliments, finished projects). Long story short ~ “I have like 15 tabs open in my mind and I don’t know where the music is coming from” Ronii

Ronii & Ashley bring their magic together around Ronii’s new business direction of “CEO of Simplicity.” Birthing not one but TWO persona’s! Finding her iconic details in “S” words, S-curves, maps, and 10x your income with her support. 26min mark and beyond.