Cushy Couture


Claire Jones and I partnered for a second time to brand her passion project creating a comfy, cozy and chic sweat pant line.  She loved the results we created branding her business development agency, Liminal Clarity, she wanted to repeat the process for this new business.  Starting from scratch, we needed to establish and design literally everything for this company and we had a blast in the process.  A genius market researcher, Claire had already surveyed the market to realize the massive interest and need for quality sweatpants.  Our target market was 25-54 years old, living in the US, women-identifying, queer, playful, expressive and intentional people.  The desire was for quality, unisex, multi-inseam, various color and pattern options, and most importantly sweatpants with POCKETS!


Driven by inspired passion and flow we got to work.

Brand Design

As a returning client, Claire knew the process and was excited for new elements that had evolved as well.  Like we did before we started with intense discovery sessions to identify her ultimate vision for this business and brand.


We established the brand strategy and differentiating features with iconic values, vision and mission statements.


Next we outlined the process for her process, by creating an SOP for her customer journey and overall brand experience.  Every step, action, worksheet and detail required before working with her, while working with her and after working with her.  Every detail for her as the service provider and for the clients ultimate experience. 


To work most efficiently and cohesively with her team (marketers, production, distribution, etc.) I created a creative brief for the project.  This outlined the project, the business, the product, desired customer experience, competition, target audience, and creative direction for all vendors involved.  This is vital for assets being created by multiple vendors to have consistency, cohesion and charisma.  To be unified and “on brand” for the client.


Then it was time to name the company!  Under the pressure of deadlines and battle for what we should call the business, we agreed on Cushy Couture.  While I had to fight her at first, she loves me today for it.  Cushy was in reference to the fabric, softness, the experience, and the community.  When you get an unexpected upgrade or something better than expected you might say “how cushy!”  Couture was in reference to the customization of the product, the various colors and prints, the over the top-ness.  


The concept and aesthetic of the brand was a unique blend of inspirations.  Bright colors, bold prints, fashion statements, playful community, philanthropic conscious culture, and freedom for self-expression were all at play.  The company’s essence and persona we called Monica.  A free thinking New Yorker who moved from L.A.  Comfortable, chic, straightforward and opinionated.  The office space and pop-up shops would be architectural, monochromatic, and all white.  Allowing the product to pop with color and bring life to the room.  The logo design was selected and refined from bidding graphic designers trying to give us their best interpretation of Cushy Couture.

“Working with Ashley is like those old Ice Breakers commercials where the actor would get blasted by ice after consuming their mints. It is a wonderfully refreshing, shocking, and thrilling experience. She drills down into what makes you and your business unique and then comprehensively amplifies it with cohesive visual branding.


After working with her on Liminal Clarity, I knew I had to have her on my team for Cushy Couture. I did my market research and then came to her in order to bring the brand to life – and did she deliver!

Now I have a kickass brand that can grow as the company grows, hopefully reaching the million dollar mark by 2025. It is clear, clean, playful, and bold with a sophisticated flavor that very much appeals to my target audiences.


Ashley has also been vital to the cohesion of my marketing team, those who are responsible for communicating and delivering the brand message to our larger audiences. She has expertly guided them in the right direction and provided thoughtful feedback in a way that speaks to her unwavering commitment to standards of excellence. Nothing is half-assed with Ashley.”


Through our work together we were able to identify Cushy Couture’s iconic brand persona, target her vetted market, establish her brand strategy, outline her process and SOPs, creatively direct all creatives involved in the project, name the business and design a brand concept and aesthetic Claire and her community love!


The brand style guide and organized brand binder establishes her creative standards and what is to be considered “on brand” for her.  We visually showcased her work and gave her a platform of credibility, creativity and charm.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Business Name
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Design Direction
  • Persona Perspective
  • Creative Direction for integration and implementation


  • Digital Iconic Brand Binder
  • Starter Woo Kit
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Business Card Design Inspiration

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