An exclusive membership community for business owners, industry leaders

and thought leaders looking to up-level their business through brand and style.

Monthly Content Schedule

  • 1st Tuesday   =  Journal Prompts to focus your brilliance into your business & brand
  • 2nd Tuesday = Exclusive Trainings sharing elements of the secret sauce I give my private one-on-one clients
  • 3rd Tuesday  =  Hour Long Q/A Sessions laser coaching to focus on your individual needs
  • 4th Tuesday  =  A-Team Vendor & Resource Connections introduction to vetted resources, vendors and connections you’ll need along the way so you’re connected with the best from the start.

What you can expect from this digital work space

  • Clarity in your iconic details and differentiating feature
  • Confidence to show up, speak up and stand out as an icon in your industry
  • Alignment with the “RIGHT” opportunities and clientele to work from your zone of genius and stay on target with your goals
  • Peace of mind knowing strategies, techniques and knowledge shared are ultimately saving you excessive revisions, time and money
  • Visibility and brand recognition to remain top of mind
  • Depth so that every detail of your brand and style reflects your mission, vision and values
  • Focus and ease in knowing when and what to do and how to do it YOUR way
  • Structure and organization to scale with ease
  • Connection to vetted industry professionals and favored resources

Business owners, thought leaders, industry leaders or anyone saying to themselves…

  • I’m looking to attract a CERTAIN type of clientele or opportunity.
  • I want to be seen as the “go-to” expert in my field.
  • I want my brand to not only reflect the value, experience and expertise I have to offer,  but to feel like “me.”
  • I’m ready to step into the spotlight and heal my visibility wounds!
  • I know up-leveling my brand and style is the best way to get the attention of my ideal clients.
  • Focusing my branding will help my business gain more credibility, viability, recognition and ultimately increase my leads and sales.
  • I’m ready to commit to my branding in a more consistent and cohesive way!
  • It’s easy to recognize Ashley’s branding with her black and gold… I want that!
  • A community work space will allow me to not only brainstorm ideas but also get instant feedback.
  • A community based learning is not only collaborative, its more cost effective than private coaching!
  • Yep, I need this!

~ I believe in transparency, so here is a sample of each week for you to see! ~

Review the past 90 Days (Q1)

What worked?

  • What did clients pay you for? What services did you perform? What products did you sell?
  • What did they ask for?
  • What helped you stay productive (mindset, tools, coaching)

What didn’t work?

  • What did you not follow through on and why?
  • What made you unproductive (at the core you didn’t want to, doing it would have been harder than not doing it.)?

What do you want to experience more of in the next 90 days (Q2)?

Do you have everything you need for the success you want? (Products, services, worksheets, tools, technology, vendors, partnerships etc.)

What will you need to achieve in the next 90 days to look back and say it was a success?



  • Outline any new goals and/or projects you want to accomplish in Q2
  • Update your social media profiles (specifically any changes to the “about section”)
  • Update profile banner images (make sure to optimize the image description with a call to action & contact info)
  • Something like this
  • Have fun and post a new profile picture (aka head shot)

Deep Dive Trainings

My 360* Degree Iconic Perspective & Brand Assessment

Are you curious about the health and wellness of your brand and business?
Do you value consistency, cohesion & charisma?
Are you a visual person?

Join me as I walk you through how to evaluate your brand fundamentals and walk away with a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your current branding. Our focus will be on your brands identity, image, messaging and marketing. It will only take us about 10 minutes and you will have a tool to reference as your business and brand evolves and grows.

As a small business owner, with little time to space, you will not want to miss this!

DOWNLOAD & PRINT OUT TODAY’S WORKSHEET…/09/360_-Iconic-Perspective-Map.…

Book a complementary 30 minute call to go over your results, ask questions and get any recommendations I may have for you and your brand:

Q/A Laser Coaching


Ever need a creative sounding board?

Ever wish you could run an idea by someone?

Are you in need of a creative director, project manager and brand manager?

I’ve got you covered!  Each month I hold an hour long Q/A session for you to ask me questions, get my help & pick my brain on whatever you want related to branding, marketing & wardrobe styling.  My normal hourly rate is $125 so this is a steal!

Meet the A-Team!



Allow me to introduce you to my coveted A-Team!  

My “Ashley-Team,” “Always-Team,” & “Approved-Team.”

I have vetted them each thoroughly and work with them often.  In this community work space I will be spotlighting and interviewing various members each month.  Ask them questions, get to know them and see for yourself why they made the cut.

Above is the amazing Kelly Mooney with Kelly Mooney Photography.  She is the amazing photographer who took all my brand photography you see on this site and across all my social media.  

Are you thinking…