Episode 31

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Violetta Krok joins me as guest Co-Host. We have a playful conversation diving into balancing the various demands of our businesses. What it means to be “Ashley-Trained” and have brand standards to maintain the aesthetic of you, your business and brand. The awareness of being “on brand” in all areas of life, not just business related things. The importance and impact of your creative environment (aka office space). Using nature to find harmonious color combinations. Using cookies as placeholders. Working backwards. Youtube channels, list building, content creation & batching. Working hard and playing hard (Violetta and I have closed the dance floor multiple times together). Collaborative partnerships that inspire one another. Our new giveaways: Violetta will be offering you a Reflection Tool for times of change & I will be offering you The Branding Process Explained to break down the creative process and show there is method in the madness of it all. Violetta Krok Professional Development Coach & Trainer Communication Advocate, Expat Language and Culture Support Sustainable Team-Success Creator Sophisticated Rebel Website: ViolettaKrok.com LinkedIn: Violetta Krok Youtube: @vks-cosmos