The Branding


Branding =

Everything from the visual to the experiential details that represent who you are, what you do and how you do it.

The “process” or branding process is about identifying the details that make you and your business unique and iconic.

Next comes the “design process.” Intentionally curating the creative building blocks used to design the look and feel of your business (your logo, colors, fonts, photography, website and symbolism).  When done correctly, these details should be inspirational for the business they represent and considered the ultimate attraction factor for the target audience.

Personified Branding =

Identity-focused branding that’s customized and inspired by the client as the muse.

Identifying the essence of a person or business and infusing it into every detail of their life and work.


  • Discovery

    A detailed interview process to identifying your iconic essence, brand persona, and brand strategy.

  • Creation

    Creative direction and design of all tangible assets (logo, photography, business cards, website, etc.). A creative brief is used to keep all parties working from the same inspiration point and results consistent, cohesive and charismatic.

  • Integration

    Branding assets, messaging and marketing are all put into play. A success checklist to make sure we hit all project objectives. Reference guides to support you after the project concludes and presentation of all final files, documents and deliverables. Most exciting is delivering your hardcopy brand binder.

Brand Discovery: Through a detailed interview process and a proven framework, we outline every detail about YOU and the vision you have for your business and brand, starting with who you want to be in this phase of your life and work.  Sharing how you feel things should be done in your industry.  Outlining your vision and methodology with my 70/30 rule. Outlining and refining your ideal clientele, company responsibilities and capabilities, industry competition, and dream branding.


Brand Persona:  The secret to creating an iconic brand is identifying its essence and infusing it into every detail, from the visuals to the organizational processes.  Using Pinterest and a visualization exercise, we confirm what you’re visualizing in your mind is in alignment with your creative vendors.  This way everyone is creating from the same point of inspiration to create results that are consistent, cohesive and charismatic.


Brand Strategy: Declare your YOU-niqueness and establish the value, vision and mission statements of your business and brand.  These self-defined company standards become the true north used to navigate to your ultimate business success.


Brand Process: Success is planned.  By outlining, step-by-step, the process for your process you will establish systems, procedures, areas of refinement, areas of growth and prioritized action items necessary to bring it all together.  Embrace the day-to-day with confidence knowing you have a working, streamlined process, elevating all areas, and creating replicable actions that prime you for scaling your business.

Creative Brief: A document used to outline the strategy and creative direction required for all vendors creating assets on your company behalf.  It contains project details like: overview, positioning, audience, competition, goals, inspiration, creative direction, requirements, and specific vendor instructions.


Brand Design: Inspired by the discovery process, we infuse all your iconic details into the design of your visual elements.  Color palette, fonts, logos, print materials, photography, videography, website and social media.  Creatively directing A-Team specialists to create all the assets necessary to achieve your brand experience, environment, and ultimate “wow-factor.”


Brand Messaging: Organizing your keywords, perspective statements, call to actions, bios (long, short, social media), and all other assets needed for your speaker one-sheet.


Brand Marketing: A reference guide for how to build your annual marketing calendar and leverage my recipes for creating iconic posts and videos.


Brand Target Board: To help you visually prioritize your work and the many opportunities that will come your way.  Staying laser focused on your mission can be hard and the desire to do it all is a common distraction.

Integration and Implementation: A success checklist to insure we integrate everything where it needs to go.  A game plan to reference and balance how you get the business, do the work, and grow the business.


Reference guides:

  • To remain consistent, cohesive and charismatic for years to come.
  • The difference between good and GREAT brands.
  • A strategy to announce and showcase your new branding.
  • Tech and tools you need to run an iconic business.
  • How to leverage The 12 Week Year and an Annual Plan-Do-Review.  


Brand Binder Creation: Final files, documents, and deliverables are organized in both digital and hard copy for you and your team to reference with ease.  These are living documents and will evolve with you over the years.  The digital copy is organized via google drive and the hard copy delivered at the end of the project.

I was struggling to put together my vision, mission, and values. I had the words on paper but the melody was not there. Our one-hour Brand Intensive was exactly what I needed to bring it all together. Ashley made the process so much fun, yet kept us on point throughout our valuable time. The final product, a beautiful vision, mission, and set of values that sing a beautiful song of inspiration, will be integrated into all aspects of my company; from the website to our partner agreements.

Linda Hagan

It was clear to me in the first 5 minutes of meeting Ashley that I was in the hands of a creative, capable and highly intuitive person. Her Pinterest board exercise alone was both addictive and insightful. Ashley’s energy, organizational skills, and laser-like focus became contagious. You will accomplish more in a 3 hour session with Ashley than most people accomplish in a full day.

Jane Boutwell, Well Said Consulting

Ashley’s branding insights have been so helpful to my work as I have transitioned from a retail store owner with 13 employees to an SBDC business coach over the past few years. Having had to reinvent myself completely, her approach to branding has made the journey both meaningful and FUN!

Kathleen Lansing

Ashley took my chaotic and crazy brain and was able to sort everything for me. Creating my style, colors, ideal look and feel for my business. I just loved working with her and cannot rave about her enough!!

Megan Tucker - Renewal Spa & Beauty

Grateful for the support I had from Ashley in going through a complete rebrand of my company. She took two or three (maybe four) ideas I was very passionate about and pulled out a new brand concept that honors the playfulness I didn't want to lose. Her process helps businesses develop clarity, cohesion, and stand out in the marketplace. The attention to detail really does live up to the business name… Iconic

Molly Mahoney - The Prepared Performer

I was very overwhelmed starting to build my brand but Ashley came in with the magic wand, touched my computer and with a few clicks everything came alive. Her patience, multitasking and superwoman dynamics have created the final vision of my dreams. I recommend this iconic lady for those who want something unique, special and made with love.

Evelin Marsh - Evelin Marsh Studio

Ashley did a brand audit with me and it was awesome! Very valuable and worth twice what she offers it for.

Jon Turino

Before working with Ashley I struggled. I felt frustrated and never confident that any of it truly reflected my business or brand. Her very detailed approach reignited in me the reason why I do what I do. She easily grasped my vision for my business and expanded upon it so beautifully. I am still not sure if it was what my heart longed to say, or she taught it a new song to sing.

Diane Weekley - The Art Of Living

Ashley’s been vital to the cohesion of my marketing team, responsible for communicating and delivering the brand message. She has expertly guided them and provided thoughtful feedback in a way that speaks to her unwavering commitment to standards of excellence. Nothing is half-assed with Ashley.

Claire Jones - Cushy Couture

Working with Ashley is wonderfully refreshing, shocking, and a thrilling experience. She drills down into what makes you and your business unique and then comprehensively amplifies it with cohesive visual branding.

Claire Jones - Cushy Couture

With Ashley’s help, I was able to identify my competitive advantage and assets while building up my brand to better target my dream clients. My business has more than doubled, and it happened “right away.” I attract higher paying, lower-maintenance clients that fit my brand's persona perfectly.

Kelly Mooney - Kelly Mooney Photography

You are your brand and you need Ashley to pull it out of you.Trust me, I’ve been part of her proven, magic, freakishly good process. If only I’d started there! It would’ve been so much easier. Save yourself loads of cash, working backwards and start with this magical branding genius.

Crystal Tosh - Rock Star Marketing

So freaking awesome. What a transformation to my business! Honestly… this should be THE NUMBER ONE step for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Kelly Tenny

Ashley is incredibly passionate about her work and as the name suggests, attentive to the details! You are in excellent hands working with Ashley on your brand.

Shana VanBogart

I have no idea where I’d be without Ashley. She’s really helped build the foundation of my business with her knowledge, intuition, passion, A-Team, woo-woo-ness, and consistency!

Tina Baker

Ashley did pure magic! You cannot imagine how long my journey has been. It’s just incredible what she’s done for me. After all the happy tears, I cannot stop smiling. I shook my pom-poms and cried in happiness over the work she’s created for me.

Violetta Krok