(M) Branding

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Branding =

Is everything from the visual to the experiential details that represent who you are, what you do and how you do it.

The “process” or branding process is about identifying the details that make you and your business unique and iconic.  

Next comes the “design process.” Intentionally curating the creative building blocks used to design the look and feel of your business (your logo, colors, fonts, photography, website and symbolism).  When done correctly, these details should be inspirational for the business they represent and considered the ultimate attraction factor for the target audience.


Personified Branding =

Is my customized branding approach.  It’s self defined and inspired by the client as my muse.

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Brand Audit: Review of your overall brand positioning, concept, design, messaging, and first impression.  Results are presented in a written summary of my thoughts, recommendations, suggestions, optimizations and questions.

The Now-Next-Later Plan outlines a prioritized action plan for taking your business and brand to the next level.  

Brand Discovery: Through a detailed interview process and a proven framework we outline every detail about YOU and the vision you have for your business and brand.  Starting with who you want to be in this phase of your life and work.  Sharing how you feel things should be done in your industry.  Outlining your vision and methodology with my 70/30 rule. Outlining and refining your ideal clientele, company responsibilities and capabilities, industry competition, and dream branding.

Brand Persona:  The secret to creating an iconic brand is identifying it’s essence and infusing it into every detail from the visuals to the organizational processes.  Using Pinterest and a visualization exercise we confirm what you’re visualizing in your mind is in alignment with your creative vendors.  This way everyone is creating from the same point of inspiration to create results that are consistent, cohesive and charismatic.

Brand Strategy: Declare your YOU-niqueness and establish the value, vision and mission statements of your business and brand.  These self-defined company standards become the true north used to navigate to your ultimate business success.

Brand Process: Success is planned.  By outlining, step-by-step, the process for your process you will establish systems, procedures, areas of refinement, areas of growth and prioritized action items necessary to bring it all together.  Embrace the day to day with confidence knowing you have a working, streamlined process, elevating all areas, and creating replicable actions that prime you for scaling your business.

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Creative Brief: A document used to outline the strategy and creative direction required for all vendors creating assets on your company behalf.  It contains project details like: overview, positioning, audience, competition, goals, inspiration, creative direction, requirements, and specific vendor instructions.

Brand Design: Inspired by the discovery process, we infuse all your iconic details into the design of your visual elements.  Color palette, fonts, logos, print materials, photography, videography, website and social media.  Creatively directing A-Team specialists to create all the assets necessary to achieve your brand experience, environment, and ultimate “wow-factor.”

Brand Messaging: Organizing your keywords, perspective statements, call to actions, bios (long, short, social media), and all other assets needed for your speaker one-sheet.

Brand Marketing: A reference guide for how to build your annual marketing calendar and leverage my recipes for creating iconic posts and videos.

Brand Target Board: To help you visually prioritize your work and the many opportunities that will come your way.  Staying laser focused on your mission can be hard and the desire to do it all is a common distraction.

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Integration and Implementation: A success checklist to insure we integrate everything where it needs to go.  A game plan to reference and balance how you get the business, do the work, and grow the business.  


Reference guides: 

  • To remain consistent, cohesive and charismatic for years to come.  
  • The difference between good and GREAT brands.  
  • A strategy to announce and showcase your new branding.  
  • Tech and tools you need to run an iconic business. 
  • How to leverage The 12 Week Year and an Annual Plan-Do-Review.  

Brand Binder Creation: Final files, documents, and deliverables are organized in both digital and hard copy for you and your team to reference with ease.  These are living documents and will evolve with you over the years.  The digital copy is organized via google drive and the hard copy delivered at the end of the project. 

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Dependent on clients, agency and 3rd party calendar and availability.

Average turnaround time is 10-14 business days for deliverables.  Note: Expedited or rush orders will have a surcharge.

A 9-months partnership to take you from intention to integration and be the support you need.  Please note based on the nature of this work, being a creative process, we may extend this timeline up to 12 months to allow room for our creativity and divine timing.


  • Brand Audit (2 weeks, 1 session to review and Q/A)
  • Brand Discovery (5-7 sessions)
  • Brand Strategy (YOU-uniqueness) (4 sessions)
  • Brand Process (2 sessions)


  • Brand Creative Brief (1 day)
  • Brand Concept (2-3 weeks)
  • Creative Direction of A-Team Specialists (3rd party availability, 3-5 sessions + revisions)
  • Style Guide Creation (2-3 weeks)
  • Brand Messaging (2-3 Sessions)
  • Brand Marketing (2-3 Sessions)


  • Integration & Implementation (30-60 Days)
  • Assembly of Brand Binder (2 weeks)

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Iconic Persona

Brand Identity & Concept 

Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic

Business Name

Color Palette



Print Materials

Brand Photography


Email Signature


Creative promotional product ideas

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Iconic Brand Binder

Brand Style Guide

Branded Procard

Digital Business Card

Business Cards






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