Alexandria Hudson, PhD.


Alex was referred to me as she was completing her PhD in neuroscience and looking to start a freelance medical writing business.  New to both business and branding Alex and I were the perfect partnership from the start.  She was both trusting of my process and invested in getting the ultimate results from collaborating together.  Our work together was truely from intention to integration.  Alex knew from the beginning she wanted a classic brand that was black and gold with accents of rose gold.  She shared that rose gold was the color for a “polished professional.”

What can I say, I had to have the baby on the way fashionably branded too!

Brand Design

Leveraging the Iconic Details branding process we began with an extensive discovery session to understand Alex’s vision for her business and brand.


From her vision we established her brand strategy and differentiating YOU-niqueness. Alex wanted to establish herself first as a freelancer and later grow into a full regulatory writing agency.  Our target was medical communication agencies, contract research organizations, medical education agencies, pharma and biotech, and research institutes.


Our inspiration was to position her as the vogue medical writer.  Cutting edge, current and innovative.  An academic vibe mixed with accents of creativity, femininity and fun.  All while being clean, sleek, intentional and creating an “aura of whispers” as her name will proceed her throughout her career.


In creating her iconic brand there was a conscious intention to symbolism of every detail:

  • Science focused academia
  • Her research of neuroscience, the brain and neurons.
  • Hexagons – the structure to chemical compounds
  • Being a writer
  • Being the only scientist to wear heels in the lab

Through the branding process we were able identify iconic details and personify her brand. We hone her brand message, establish clear company values, and write concise mission and vision statements.  We created an iconic brand style guide and organized her business and brand into the iconic brand binder in both digital and hard copies.


My favorite part of this brand design was PMC’s final logo design and it’s subtle symbolism:

  • Protons are the positively charged ions in your body.  Proton Medical Communications could also be stated as Positive Medical Communications.
  • The circles representing her wholistic approach, the outer elements and both the positive and negative elements in her field.
  • The simplicity gave it both elegance and professionalism


It’s these little details that make a brand truly iconic in my eyes.


  • Persona Perspective
  • Business Name
  • Brand Identity & Concept
  • Brand Symbolism & Aesthetic
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Marketing Plan
  • Brand Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Airtable business set up
  • Google drive organization
  • Google calendar optimization


  • Iconic Brand Binder
  • Brand Style Guide


  • Kelly Mooney, Brand Photography
  • Sarah Collins, Graphic Design

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