Are you speaking to the essence of your brand & company?

Are you speaking to the essence of your brand & company?



Consult with your company as if it has a spirit and consciousness of it’s own:

A: Hello Iconic Details, I’m Ashley

I: Hello Ashley, nice to meet you!

A: Iconic Details, what do you do?

I: I’m a consulting firm that helps female entrepreneurs and corporate executives discover the persona that makes them iconic.

A: Wow… how do you do that?

If you ask, it WILL answer!

Do you have an open dialogue with your brand & company?

Have you ever questioned why a certain element of your business wasn’t working?

Maybe you’re not attracting the right kind of clients and frustrated.

Do you feel like you are your brand and your brand is who you are?

While some consider the focus of this blog a brand strategy, I like to think of it as a simple conversation. People often ask how I know my brand so well. Here’s the honest truth. I constantly consult with it and have an open dialogue with it. I feel where people get lost with their brand and message is they often don’t ask the amazing entity they have built what it would do. Like you it has its own personality, characteristics and perspective.

Let me offer this example. We all know the company colors for Iconic Details are black and gold. However, during my launch event all online marketing, marketing materials, invitations etc. were white and gold. Here’s why. I consulted Iconic Details, which suggested the black and gold might be too harsh for this event. In an attempt to be more approachable, transparent, clear and novel we needed to drop the black and use the sub-branding colors of white, gold and taupe. Had I just been consistent and not stopped to consult with my brand and the message it needed to portray I probably would have just presented the black and gold.

Other times I have consulted with my company have been in regards to business opportunities and how they might enhance or threaten the brand. Client challenges, strategic partner alignment, venues, etc. The list goes on.

My point is, having a conversation with your brand can give you perspective, clarity, direction and drive.

My challenge for you is to have more intimate conversations with your brand and see if you can pick up on its personality and perspectives. I feel what makes a strong brand is when it can stand alone, be adopted by others, create a sense of culture, mindset or lifestyle and is not solely dependant on you, your presence or your personality.

Questions to ask might be:

  • What are we doing here?
  • Who are we trying to attract?
  • What statement do we want to make?
  • What approach should we take?
  • How will we be remembered?
  • What is the unique approach we can take to this situation?


Persona Stylist, Ashley Roda

Marianne Roda
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